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January 1, 2017

The chaotic crossbow is a

To make a crossbow, you must use your knife on a set of logs. You can make a crossbow stock from any kind of logs, including magic logs; the dwarves who developed crossbow technology don't trust magic at the best of times, but the humans of the Ranging Guild have been working on their own design. When the Fletching menu appears, you can choose to make a crossbow stock. Clicking on the stock will make a stock, which will replace the set of logs that were used during the Fletching process.

Note: If you want to make several of the same object, simply use the +/- buttons to select the number you wish to produce.

Once you have your stock, you will need the appropriate limbs to attach. As each type of metal has a certain weight and flexibility, the type of metal is determined by the wood you have used for the stock. Other combinations will not work.

* You will not be able to make a blurite crossbow until you have completed The Knight's Sword quest.

Now it is time to string your crossbow. If you have achieved a Crafting level of 10, then you will be able to create your own crossbow strings.

For information on how to make crossbow strings, please see the Cooking and Crafting sections of the manual.

If you do not have enough experience to craft your own crossbow strings, you will need to find someone skilled enough to make them for you.

Once you have a crossbow string, use it on your unstrung crossbow to complete the crossbow.

Below is a table of each crossbow type with the Fletching level required to make them:

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