Old School Runescape

March 12, 2017

Old School Runescape

Old School Runescape is a highly popular adventurous quest-game which keeps player suspicious and curious till the very end. This perfectly thought game was released in January 2001 by Jagex Company and was a real gift for lovers of mystery. It belongs to the group of massively multiplayer online role-playing games orMMORPG. It has millions of players worldwide which makes it even more interesting and attractive for players.

The game is represented in 3D format, has an excellent graphics and a very convenient interface allowing the players to change the servers without losing their level, bonuses and game-awards. Some of the significant game upgrades were beta-version Evolution of Combat and invitation to Premier Club membership. So, you won’t get bored of constantly playing it.

World Features and Peculiarities

In the game process the player will come across a lot of different frightening monsters and beasts which appear as a challenge for your hero and sometimes they can be very dangerous if not eliminated in appropriate time. Your hero will have to accomplish different tasks and solve mysteries in order to gain riches and hidden treasures. And this game is really abundant in such treasures and gems. The more levels your hero accomplish the stronger he becomes.

As the game, doesn’t have a specified compulsory strategy, it’s up to you to decide what your hero will do and how he will cope with the constant challenges. In this game, you can choose your own mission. You may decide either to struggle and fight for obtaining treasures or do something useful and peaceful without being involved in deadly wars. If you adopt a peaceful strategy, you can choose, if you want, a profession of a fisherman, craftsman, etc. However, the main advantage of this quest-game is the opportunity to get rewards and gifts after accomplishing the certain given tasks, no matter what kind of strategy and advancement you choose.

The game is also full of various caves, dungeons and even has sewage system where you will undoubtedly find hidden monsters as well as treasures. If you are courageous enough to look into such an extremely dangerous place, don’t forget that you had better not go there alone. Take some other players with you. As this game is full of other players, you can find a companion or even an enemy for your hero. While starting here a trade, offer the other players, who also have the same occupation in the game, to join you as later it will be easier for a group of players to overcome a huge dangerous monster.

Also, remember that your hero has several special and extra abilities which can be developed and improved only by using them more and more during the game. Don’t forget to acquire some fighting abilities for battles with other players in Player vs. Player mode. In the game a special map and a compass are at your disposal which will prevent your hero from being lost in Runescape’s virtual world. Besides being full of dangers, this game will also attract you with its beautiful landscapes decorated with flowing rivers, fields, colorful hills and houses. If you don’t like anything in the landscape you can easily change it according to your preferences and game strategy: cutting the trees, building new houses and removing old ones.

Free & Paid Accounts

If you decide to play this online game you can choose between free account and paid membership when getting your login. Of course, free account has certain activity, equipment, territory and server limitations. For gaining the unlimited full access to the game you have to subscribe to a membership which will cost you 5$ per month

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