RuneScape Creature of Fenkenstrain

January 15, 2017

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Creature of Fenkenstrain is an intermediate quest where you become the assistant of Dr Fenkenstrain and slowly uncover the history of the Lordship of the North Coast.

Official description

Dr Fenkenstrain, master and sole occupant of the castle to the north east of Canifis, needs a new servant to go on a dark errand for him.

Do you have the stomach to help Fenkenstrain pursue his twisted purpose?


It helps to have the Wolfbane Dagger with you to prevent getting killed by werewolves by accidentally attacking the Canifis citizens. It also helps if you have activated the Canifis lodestone and/or completed Desert Treasure so you can use the Kharyrll Teleport directly to Canifis. Having the fairy rings available is also useful and is a quick way to travel to Canifis.


The signpost in Canifis

To start the quest, read the signpost in the center of Canifis. After you've started the quest, go northeast to Fenkenstrain's Castle. Talk to Dr. Fenkenstrain and a job interview will commence. When asked to describe yourself in one word, answer "braindead" and that your best skill is "grave-digging".

Note that you do not have to find the 5 body parts in any particular order.

Dr. Fenkenstrain hires you and you will receive a mission to retrieve 5 body parts:

Decapitated Head

Wear your ghostspeak amulet and talk to the headless Gardener Ghost. His name is Ed Lestwit and that is the grave you are looking for. He can be found north of the room with the "torture table" in it. He tells you that his head was chopped off and he was 'murdered' by decapitation. Offer to help find his head, which is buried in a grave in the Haunted Woods, and he will follow you for 10 minutes, so take him south into the Haunted Woods. Ask him for the way if you are lost.

Follow the Gardener Ghost's directions closely and you should reach his grave soon enough. Make sure the grave's name matches the ghost's, dig by right-clicking the grave, and you will get the head. The grave is a little south-east of fairy ring ALQ. If you go too south the gardener will go back to the castle. If you log out or die at that point he will stop following you and go back to the castle.

Pickled Brain

Go to the bar in Canifis. You can either ask the bartender Roavar for something to eat and he will sell you a pickled brain for 50 coins, or tele-grab a brain on the table (and complete the Brain Bending Morytania Task in the process.) Use the brain on the decapitated head.

Arms, legs and torso

A grave opens a dungeon!

Slaying a dog-woman-thing.

Upstairs in Fenkenstrain's Castle, there are bookcases on either side of the floor. Search the bookcase in the west room for The Joy of Gravedigging and you will find a marble amulet. Search the east room's bookcase for Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques and you will find the obsidian amulet. Use them with each other to get a star amulet.

Note: If you don't get the marble amulet and obsidian amulet from the bookcases, it's because you've got them or the star amulet in your bank, or because you've already used it on the tombstone as described below. If neither of them are to be found in your bank, it's the latter so just head straight to the tombstone.

Exit the castle and head east, to some tombstones near a musician. Use the star amulet on the eastern-most tombstone with the indent on it. Push the tombstone to enter a dungeon which contains various Experiments. Kill one of the level 35s to get a Cavern key - the ones that look like a dog with a female head, as the others don't drop the key.

Once you have the key, follow a tunnel in the north-west part of the cavern to a gate and unlock it. Go up the ladder, and dig at the three tombstones and you unearth all of the remaining parts. To get back to the castle, enter the fourth tombstone and you will be back in the cave. You need to then get another cavern key by searching the chest at the bottom of the ladder, to then go back to the castle. You can also use the Canifis lodestone.


Hand over the body parts to Fenkenstrain and he will ask you for a needle (obtainable from the general store in Canifis) and five spools of thread to sew the body together. Give them to him to receive yet another assignment - fixing the lightning rod - as Fenkenstrain notes that having a complete body is not all that's needed to bring the body back to life, and that he needs lightning to complete his plan.

Ready for a little juice...

Equip the ghostspeak amulet and ask the Gardener Ghost for the shed key. Go inside the shed and search the

Using the extended garden cane to obtain a conductor mould.

cupboard for a Garden brush. Outside the shed there will be a pile of canes. Take three Garden canes. Use them on the brush and attach them with your 3 spools of bronze wire.. This will extend it, making it suitable for chimney sweeping. Make sure you use all three canes on the same brush, it requires multiple canes to extend the brush. The icon of the brush will not change, but the examine text will.

Invoking the conductor with lightning

Once you have the mould, you need to go to a furnace. Unlock the Canifis lodestone if it hasn't been unlocked yet, to make the return trip faster. The nearest furnace is in Port Phasmatys, but you need to have completed Ghosts Ahoy to access it for free, otherwise, you need to pay 2 Ecto-tokens to enter the city. Otherwise, use Home Teleport to reach either Burthorpe or Al Kharid and use the nearby furnace (Burthorpe smithing guide area south of lodestone, west for Al Kharid).

Use a silver bar on the furnace with the conductor mould in your inventory and under the Silver Casting option, make a Conductor.

Go back to Fenkenstrain's Castle, take the stairs up to the first floor, go to the room furthest south and climb the ladder to the roof. Click on the lightning conductor to fix it. Lightning will instantly strike and the monster comes to life!


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