The History of Runescape

November 24, 2016

The History of Runescape

What is the RuneSkape game and how it evolved? These and other questions you will find answers below. The main component is the development of it in chronological order.

It all started with DeviousMUD by Andrew Gower in November 1998. Originally it was planned to be text base but ended up using oblique graphics and coded on Java. This version was never released to the pubic and not much information is known.

The next step was the creation of DeviousMUD Beta in 1999. Later, the game was rewritten. Despite this, the name of the game preserved. The game has been instantiated but had little content. Players had 18 skills they could train. Only two shops were put up and the game only had 10 items. It also had one quest that was never completed but is now known as the infamous Sheep Shearer quest. Online testing has been available for a week, followed by the closure of the game due to unpopularity.

The next step in the development was creating a map of DeviousMUD. This map was created specifically for the aforementioned version game. On the map there are significant places that previously we couldn't watch. An example: Lumbridge, Varrock, Falador, Al Kaharid. Programs related to data visualization helps us to display map and other updated versions of game. An example of such programs can be TABLEAU, where the main source TABLEAU specialists.

Another step was creation of Runescape Classic in 2001. The game was developed in 2d graphics and became more popular. The main components of the game have changed. It had a total of 19 skills all with different methods of training. The success of the changing became obvious. As a result the revenue of the ads couldn't make up for the cost of running the servers and game. As a result on 27 Febuary 2002 Jagex added Member Subscriptions, two years after the release of the game.

Map of Runescape Classic


RuneScape Through The Years - Classic 2
RuneScape Through The Years - Classic 2
Runescape Classic: The Dwarven Mine Blue Dot Mystery. Solved
Runescape Classic: The Dwarven Mine Blue Dot Mystery. "Solved"
Runescape Classic World Map
Runescape Classic World Map
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