Most expensive items on Runescape

January 26, 2015

Hat in Runescape – $1,680

via: title=Online gaming has grown over the past twenty years to become a huge phenomenon that sees millions of players battling, trading and questing together, as they look to improve their characters and improve their stats. While most people are happy to do this the old fashioned way, some want to take shortcuts and rather than spending countless hours developing their virtual selves, they elect to spend real world cash. This practice has seen in-game items sell for hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

In other cases, developers actively promote the selling and buying of virtual items. Some of these games have markets that are just as sophisticated as the ones used by real life traders and bankers. This article will explore those games and look at the most expensive video game items that have ever been sold, either within the titles themselves or through other means such as eBay.

10. The Blue Party Hat in Runescape – $1, 680

The Blue Party Hat is a special item that can be worn by players in the free MMORPG Runescape. It could only be acquired in-game from Christmas crackers, but players only have a very small chance of ever getting them. Adding to the rarity of the Blue Party Hats though, was the fact that the vast majority of players simply discarded them when they were given out in crackers, as they had no real use in the game. That incredible rarity has made them the most valuable item in the game, with a value that is equivalent to the maximum amount of gold that can be carried by any player. This has made the hats not only very valuable, but also units of currency themselves, used by the very rich in Runescape to represent a certain amount of gold in trades.

via:us.battle.net9. Diablo 3 Manticore Crossbow – , 500

During a run in the Tower of the Damned, a player known as shineCDN found some loot that included a number of legendary items. While the majority of the loot was mundane and not very valuable, one weapon in particular immediately stood out. The Manticore Crossbow came with high-end stats, making it incredibly powerful and the player made it available to buy in-game. The winning offer of 12.375 billion gold translates to a real world cost of roughly $3, 500, making the find one of the luckiest in the history of Diablo 3.

8. World of Warcraft Character – $9, 000

In September of 2007, a level 70 night elf rogue, the highest rank attainable at the time in World of Warcraft, sold for $9, 000. The character, called Zeuzo, was not only at the level cap, but also owned a number of high-powered items that had been gained from defeating particularly challenging quests. Some of the items included armor and weapons that few players had managed to attain, such as the twin Warglaives of Azzinoth. According to reports at the time, the original owner had needed to sell the character to help with financial difficulties. As Zeuzo was widely considered the best rogue character in the game, buyers were willing to pay big to acquire the account. Unfortunately for the new owner, Blizzard banned the account after just five days, as account selling is prohibited by their Terms of Use.

via:photo.mmosite.com7. Eve Online Revenant Super Carrier – , 000

Eve Online is well known for its huge marketplace and player-run economy. Some of the biggest and most expensive ships in the game can easily reach values of between , 000 and , 000. One ship though, was worth even more than those Titans were. The Revenant Super Carrier had an in-game value of billions of ISK, a value that can be converted using the PLEX system to $9, 000. Unfortunately for the owner, the ship was destroyed shortly after its construction was completed. The reason for the extreme rarity and therefore, the extremely high value, is simply that the Revenant Super Carrier blueprint that is used to build it has a very low drop rate. Since the blueprint is so difficult to beat, this makes the ship so rare that there were only two other ships of the same type in-game, at the time.

6. Echoing Fury Mace from Diablo 3 – $14, 000

The Echoing Fury Mace was found as loot in Diablo 3 and it was promptly sold through internet forums for a price of just $250. It was then passed between a variety of different players before it again made its way to a public sale. Bidding for the legendary weapon soon escalated, until a high bid of 40 billion gold won, an amount that has a real life value of around $14, 000. The high value was due mainly to the rarity of the item and the powerful stats that the weapon had, stats that made it one of the best available in the game.

5. Age of Wulin Sword – $16, 000

The developers for the MMO Age of Wulin held an auction in 2011 to sell a number of different items that would be put into the game when it eventually released in 2013. Most of the items sold for relatively little amounts, while some special pieces of armor and weapons went on to raise just $1, 000 each. The biggest selling item though, was the Dragon Slaying Sabre scabbard. The one-of-a-kind sword would not be available to any other players, making it a truly unique item and from the looks of it, highly desirable. The winning bid in the auction ended at 100, 000 Yuan, a sum that is roughly $16, 000.

Most Expensive Item on RuneScape
Most Expensive Item on RuneScape
The Most Expensive items That I have on Runescape!
The Most Expensive items That I have on Runescape!
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