Buy Nighthold Boost

January 25, 2017


The players of the Nighthold WoW already have the ability to buy the new Nighthold boost, since it was released in the very beginning of 2017. What were we expecting from the Nighthold? Have our dreams come true? Definitely, yes. The new Nighthold boost can be considered to be the best way to gear up the WoW character to the very high level speaking about content. In comparison to the previous Emerald Nightmare raid, it has a lot of new bosses and other characters, as well as a very balanced gear. But that is surely not the end of the pleasant innovations. The Tier sets have not only very efficient mechanics, but also very stylish appearance. What is more, buying a new Nighthold will allow you to upgrade not only the appearance of your character, but also if the Artifact weapon. It is the complete end of Quest Balance of Power.

And it is also very pleasant that the Nighthold boost has two absolutely unique mounts – Fiendish Hellfire Core and Living Infernal Core, which will be dropped by Gul’Dan. More precisely, Hellfire Core is similar to all previous mounts and have 100% drop on Mythic kill, while Infernal Core can be dropped on almost any difficulty (just imagine!). That is why The Nighthold boost is worth to buy not only for items, but also for brilliant mounts.

Just look and evaluate all the privileges of the new Night boost on the official web site:

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