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July 13, 2019

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Falador MassacreThe Falador Massacre

The Falador Massacre, also known as the World 111 Glitch or The Great Falador Riot or the 666-Massacre, was an infamous glitch and subsequent violation of the Bug Abuse rule that occurred on 6 June 2006.

One of the major glitches in history, it occurred when the new skill, Construction, was introduced. When became the first player to achieve 99 Construction, he hosted a massive party in his house. Players who had engaged in combat activities in his house, who were then booted from the house, somehow retained the ability to attack other players anywhere in RuneScape, outside of PvP areas.

Many players who gained this ability, against RuneScape rules, took advantage of it by attacking other players in crowded cities. A Jagex Moderator identifying as "Murdoch" eventually took action by locking down the accounts of the massacre leaders. The players who took advantage of the bug were then given around 8.0 black marks. Those who killed a large amount of players were the exception, being automatically banned.

Victims of the event lost a total of over 2 billion coins, [source needed] and the massacre remains one of the most infamous events in RuneScape history.

The glitch

The glitch occurred immediately after a house party hosted by the first player to achieve 99 Construction, Cursed You. Due to the large number of players attending, the lag inside the house became severe to the point at which the host was forced to boot all of the guests. The players that had been inside the combat ring at the time of the dismissal were then able to attack other players anywhere in the world. The victims could not retaliate unless they had also been affected by the glitch. The killing lasted almost an hour before Jagex Moderators were notified. The bug was not caused by the enormous amount of people in the house at the time of the expulsion, but rather by an error in the coding of the Construction skill. Before this glitch, other lag-related glitches gave players an "Attack" option anywhere in the world, however they were unable to actually attack other players.

There was a group of players who were Player killing in Lumbridge, using Ancient Magicks and preying on new and low levelled players. Their identities are unknown, although several players have reported seeing them player killing and being killed by them. They caused an uproar, and seeing that this glitch could be abused outside of Falador, they spread all over RuneScape.

The most-famous player killer by the name of, whose combat level was 115, killed lower level players in a rampage. He was equipped with Ahrim's, a fire cape, obsidian shield, abyssal whip, and a green partyhat. He looted the green partyhat after killing a lower level player. It is said his rampage lasted for a whole 60 minutes, before he was finally removed from the server by a Jagex Moderator.

In other more rarer recordings of the massacre, one video by Polmerbat, a friend of Cursed You, shows the initial stages of the glitch being used outside the Construction Portal in Rimmington, immediately after players were booted from the house party. Several players are seen being attacked by multiple killers. One player, Lukeidiots, whose combat level was 24, is seen on video being killed and losing his white partyhat. Also seen in the video is someone claiming they were killed by a player called Guilherme 33 and that they lost a partyhat to him. Other players also shout that a level 83 player called Bs Shadow x is attacking people along with other players called Kill Kill5 and Runescapego1, who is seen in another video attacking people. Mod Mark R also shows up to try and get people to leave the area. It is unknown if any of these killers were banned.

RSMassacreEdgevilleIn another rare video by Bearmaster0, other players abusing the bug can be seen attacking players. A level 103 killer called Jonathizzle0 is seen attacking players on the path just west of Draynor Village. The killer attacks random people passing by and then tries to kill someone Farming. Afterwards he goes to Falador east bank and tries to kill people there. He is then attacked by another player, Runescapego1, and then teleports away. It is unknown if either player was banned or how many kills they got.

There are no official records of item losses, bug abusers, or victims of the massacre. Looters took most of the items that the victims dropped, not killers. The most well known of the items that a player lost was the green partyhat. Obsidian weapons, ranger sets, and coins were also lost.

According to estimates of witnesses, players dropped and lost at least 2 billion coins. A massive looting ensued, especially for low-level players.

Players attempted to hide their valuables by unwielding expensive things or banking some items, but the PK'ers deliberately attacked high-level players. Player moderators are shown to be encouraging players to "Bank your items, leave, and teleport with the amulet of glory."

Smaller massacres

A number of players have claimed to have also abused the glitch. Another player also abused this glitch for his personal gain, and encouraged his followers to kill bots. Since the crowd hyped him, he did kill many bots and was amongst the players that were banned. A separate player also killed several bots, and although he later admitted to Jagex Moderators that he had been attacking real players and had earned over 100 million coins, Jagex did not ban him.

Another player used the glitch to kill three other players whom he had a personal vendetta against near Mudskipper Point. Although there is little proof of this happening, a few people reported that they saw him attacking a player by using Ranged.

In Seers' Village, a player abused a glitch that a lag caused. He equipped a Rubber chicken and began to attack people, dealing high damage. A player posted on the forums about this person, which led to Seers' Village becoming overpopulated (a forum moderator soon hid the thread). The Rubber chicken wielder chased players over to Catherby and followed players to a house upstairs and cast Ice Burst on multiple players. The player was then banned and the glitch was fixed. The incident only killed a few players.


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