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June 4, 2015

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Win Lifetime Membership update post headerIn 2016, RuneScape will be 15 years old, and in celebration Andrew and Paul Gower will be returning as guest designers and executive producers for a new quest. We want to get you involved too – by designing one of the quest's rewards!

The quest reward should be celebration-themed – to commemorate 15 amazing years of RuneScape – and could be anything! A costume, a pet, a weapon, animation – your imagination is the only limit.

The competition is open until the 30th of November, and five finalists will be selected to go through to a player poll. For those less artistically inclined, have no fear - all finalist entries will be sketched by Jagex concept artists.

To get the creative cogs turning, here’s an example idea from Mod JD, showcasing his #MadPaintSkillz:

Mod JD Lifetime Membership competition exampleNew ranged weapon override: GIANT party popper!

Special audio when used?

Shoots confetti over opponents

Examine text: The life and soul of the party. If - by party - you mean mass annihilation.

Each of the five finalists will receive 15 months of membership, as well as a signed copy of their idea's sketch.

The winner will have their idea included in the quest, as well as lifetime membership, a signed copy of their sketch and a sculpture of their player character!

Use the competition entry form to send us your idea. Please read our Competition Terms and Conditions and our FAQ for more information.

We can't wait to see your suggestions! We'd love to see your entries on Twitter, Instagram or Reddit, too - use the hashtag


Runescape Lifetime Membership PIN GN (6/9/11)
Runescape Lifetime Membership PIN GN (6/9/11)
Win Lifetime RuneScape Membership
Win Lifetime RuneScape Membership
Lifetime Runescape Membership!
Lifetime Runescape Membership!
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