Runescape Legends’ Quest

March 12, 2017

Runescape Legends’ Quest

The General Game Characteristics

This game is the modern version of popular Runescape and it is the 50 th quest. It combines more than 120 levels and you are sure to need at least 3 hours or even up to 24 hours to complete the quest. Legends’ Quest has a masters’ difficulty and is long enough in comparison with the previous versions of the game. The completion of the quest will bring you additional 4 quest points, access to the desirable Legends’ Guild, more than 7000 experiences and skills, special Binding Book, ability to prepare holy water and use dragon’s shield, red geckos and two additional keys of Treasure Hunter. The creators of this game constantly fill in the game-content by introducing new possibilities and upgrading the game.

In 2014 the players gained a new enemy – a giant horrifying spider called Araxxor which can be eliminated only by a united group of players. In 2015 game was upgraded by adding into it a new world called Liberation of Mazcab offering players various new battles and challenges. The game’s membership payment has also been changed recently and it is equal now to approximately 9,49 Dollars or 8,49 Euros.

Quest Route and Tasks

In this mystical virtual world, your hero has to pass through Jungles of Kharazi on mysterious Karamja Island, speak with Guildmaster Radimus and then start the adventure in order to find the special ring-code. Then, Guildmaster Radimus will give your hero a few secret notes to help your hero indentify his mission. During the quest your hero will have to deal with native people, foresters, tribesman who will help you in your mission and award you with special Bull Roarer which will lead you to the other tribesman named Gujuo. If your hero makes friends with him and helps him with his challenge it will be of a great advantage to you. You may also need to disclose to them some of your secret notes that you have previously received from Guildmaster Radimus.

While playing the game pay attention to jungle inhabitants like wolves, birds, savages, numerous monsters, dragons and beasts which can create some obstacles on your way and distract you from your mission. After completing one task you will have to pass to the other. For instance, your hero has to set free a jungle native named Ungadulu, and it is here that he will urgently need the help of Gujuo and use the special Bull Roarer. During the course, don’t forget to collect different runes, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, opals, jades and other gems, treasures, snake weeds, mystic bowls and pure water as well as food, armor or weapon.

Finally, you’ll have to bring the Golden Bowl back to Gujuo to make him bless that special bowl. If you don’t manage to gain the required number of points, your Golden Bowl won’t be blessed. After blessing the bowl your hero will return to the cave where Ungadulu is kept and you’ll have to accomplish there several tasks and obtain special objects like crystals, potions, daggers, forces.

At the end of the game you’ll have to pass through dangerous battles and overcome various mystical enemies in order to be able to establish a Totem Pole with the tribesman Gujuo. Gujuo will present you the other important totem called Gilded Totem. Finally, your hero has to bring the obtained Gilded Totem and special secret notes back to the Guildmaster Radimus to receive your hero’s final reward. As your hero has to accomplish quite different tasks and overcome a huge list of challenges, you need to pick for him the following highly needed skills: crafting, mining, strength, thieving, woodcutting, smiting. In all the cases the game will be entertaining and intriguing one.

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