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May 9, 2019

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It has been a while since the announcement of old school F2P trial, and there are lots of players who hope that the time of F2P trial can be extended. However, through the long time launching, Jagex expressed that they now have no plans to extend the trial for a longer period of time.

Old school F2P trial increased the number of bots

Old School F2P Trial Bots

There is no doubt that F2P trial is definitely a great opportunity for bots. According to the graph from Jagex, we could clearly see a sudden glut of bots join all with the intention of farming yews and selling the proceeds.
However, as Jagex disabled yew trees for the trial, the amount of bots are declined rapidly. That means F2P without the yew trees was not going to increase the bot population.
All in all, bots in osrs are more under control now than ever.

Old school F2P trial reduced the number of members

When the F2P trial launched, there was a reduction of about 30% in new accounts becoming members in old school.
As we all know, members are the key for building a vibrant and active community to support the stability of Old School. However, it seems that giving permanent access to F2P will cause more members to unsubscribe without bringing any noticeable increase in new members.
Therefore, in consideration of a health growth of old school, Jagex now have no plans to extend the trial for a longer period of time or offer a F2P version where you have access to it permanently.

Old school F2P trial will open for any account until 28th of August

As lots of you mentioned that some of your friends didn’t want to come back and start a new account, Jagex is now announced that from the 24th July until the 28th of August, any account which has not been a member for 90 days will be able to access the F2P servers for 2 weeks. This will be in addition to the trial continuing to work for new accounts.

If you haven’t try F2P trial yet, come to seize your chance before 28th of August. Besides, there is also a summer special offer of 25% off 3 months of membership open until the 28th July. Enjoy all of those benefits in old school runescape!


Old school runescape bot
Old school runescape bot
runescape old school bot
runescape old school bot
DreamBot: #1 RuneScape® Bot for Old School Runescape®
DreamBot: #1 RuneScape® Bot for Old School Runescape®
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