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October 22, 2014

Montez Robinson - Google+

PayByCash, Jagex's method for accepting cash payments makes acquiring your Runescape membership incredibly simple. Just mail in the required amount of money and voilá, instant Runescape membership. PayByCash will cost you a tad more than other methods of payment due to the convenience and private nature involved.

Purchase a Runescape Membership Card Without Your Parents Knowing

If sending cash through the mail doesn't appeal to you (and I can see why it wouldn't) then the next best thing is to purchase a Runescape Membership Card or Jagex Card. What's the difference between these two cards? Well first of all, Runescape Membership Cards are only sold at Target retailers and they are only valid toward purchase of a Runescape membership. Jagex Cards are sold elsewhere and valid for FunOrb as well.

However, as FunOrb is kinda pointless and Target is really convenient I recommend just going for the Runescape Card. It's the easiest way of obtaining membership in secret.

Paying For Runescape Membership With PayPal

Paying for Runescape membership with PayPal is convenient as well, the minor catch however is that you are required to be 18 to have a PayPal account. If for whatever reason you're under 18 and you have a PayPal account then this is a decent method. Check out my guide for earning a free Runescape membership, as it has a bunch of links regarding methods of acquiring PayPal cash online quickly and easily... all without the folks finding out!!!

Use Wallie For Secret Runescape Membership?

Alright so when I first heard of "Wallie Cards" I thought they were talking about a certain Pixar robot, but it turns out Wallie Cards are a sort of "internet wallet." Available in a host of European countries, as well as Mexico, Wallie Cards provide a discreet way to pay for Runescape membership for players not living in the USA.

Godspeed, Children

Again, use my advice at your own risk. If you over thirteen, you're legally allowed to play Runescape without parental permission, but you should still listen to your parents. I'm sure they have good reasons for you not to play... like concentrating on schoolwork... or even socializing.


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