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August 8, 2016

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Player Moderators - or PMods - are champions of the community. The first PMods were introduced to RuneScape in June 2004. Player Moderators are normal players of the game, but because they have shown themselves to be friendly and community minded, they have been invited by Jagex to be ambassadors of the game while they are playing.

Player Moderators usually play an active role in the game and have the ability to protect the community if it’s needed. They are often the players who organise and attend events, or those who really make a difference to your daily gaming experience. With thousands of Player Moderators in the game, you’re sure to spot one on your travels around Gielinor, so don’t be afraid to say 'hello'.

It is up to the individual Player Moderator whether they offer in-game assistance or not. They are under no obligation to do this. They are generally friendly and helpful, so if they have time I’m sure they’ll point you in the right direction.

Some PMods belong to PMod groups that are available for Player Moderators to sign up to, with each group offering a particular service or extra support to the community. There are three groups: Game Helper Team, Social Media Team & Events Support Team.

Player Moderators are invited by Jagex and accept as volunteers; they are not Jagex employees. Player Moderators do not get free membership and get no in-game advantage within RuneScape. When looking for prospective Player Moderators; personal gaming style and forum posts are reviewed. The validity of the player’s abuse reports and how helpful and friendly they have been to other players in the game is also looked at.

The likelihood of a player becoming a Player Moderator is not based on combat level or total levels. It’s very true that you will not see a player fresh from the tutorial given Player Moderator status, but it's also true that you may see some Player Moderators with lower combat levels than you are expecting.

Jagex don't usually accept applications or recommendations for Player Moderator status from players. Rest assured that if you or your friends are truly worthy, we will be sure to notice and may be in contact with an invitation.

If you are selected for a Player Moderator invitation, a message will be sent to your Jagex secure message centre inviting you to register with us through the Player Moderator Centre, so be sure to read any messages carefully. Once you have accepted and the confirmation has been received, you will get your silver crown and moderator abilities. Jagex never offers moderator status by external email, in-game or on third-party websites.

If you have had offences placed on your account it is still possible to become an PMod. Relatively minor offences do degrade over time and if your more recent conduct shows that you have improved then this is taking into consideration. But obviously, the best thing is to follow the rules at all times!

PMod chat

Player Moderator characters look no different from any other players when they are in-game, and like other players they can be any level. When a Player Moderator speaks they are very easy to identify, as you will always see a small silver crown next to their name when they type a message. This crown shows in all the chat types including private messages and Quick Chat. Below is an example of the crown you will see in the chat box.

Note that Player Moderators can also be members of the gold Premier Club and as such their icons will be slightly different and this badge can be toggled off by the individual PMod if preferred (note that it is not possible for PMods to toggle their VIP status on the forums).

PMods have the ability to communicate somewhat more freely with Jagex staff than other players can. There is a private area of the forums that is only visible to Player Moderators and Jagex Moderators. In this area, guidelines are provided for the moderators to follow. These help to make sure that they all act consistently. The moderators also use this area of the forums to discuss situations with Jagex staff, ask questions, or even request that a Jagex staff member get involved if necessary. So if a Player Moderator ever says to you “I don’t know, but I will ask a JMod for you”, they will probably use the private PMod forum to get our attention. For more sensitive Player Moderator related issues, they have the ability to send a ticket to Jagex directly should they wish to a raise a private moderator issue.


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