Runescape membership pay by phone

August 24, 2016


  1. On the RuneScape website, go into the 'Pay by Phone' section and look for the number to ring from your place of residence.
  2. Ring the number (Calls can cost more on a mobile phone depending on the company you are with).
  3. Write down the code. You will have to listen to someone drone on in a boring voice, then he will tell you a code, it is recommended you have a pen and paper ready to take it down.
  4. Use the code you obtained from the phone call to gain membership on your account, by typing in the number you called from and the code you were given.
  5. Enjoy life as a member.


  • Make sure the pen you have is working beforehand to prevent panicking and being charged extra for the call
  • The code will repeat if you press the button he tells you to press on your phone, so if you didn't pay attention to tip 1, you can still get the code


  • Pay attention to what he says so you don't miss the code.
  • Don't hang up early or it won't register.

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Codes for Membership Pins (Runescape) (PayByPhone)
Codes for Membership Pins (Runescape) (PayByPhone)
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