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April 19, 2019

Fake email example

My brother/cousin/best friend/another person did it

We receive a large number of appeals daily which claim that a sibling, best friend, cousin or another person was responsible for the offence. This is often in the form of a claim of them using a macro to "help" or just accessing the account, whilst the account owner was away from their PC. In these situations there is no evidence to support this claim, so we're not going to remove the ban from the account.

I want to see the evidence/You don't have any evidence We don't currently divulge any evidence we may hold as to do so may compromise our detection methods. We can't say it's an ideal situation, but we believe it's the right thing to do.

This doesn't mean that we don't have evidence, quite the contrary, it's just that we're not going to share this with you. Please remember that there is no benefit to us in banning an account unless we have evidence that a macro program has been used.

You didn't read my appeal/You didn't respond to my email

We do not add macro bans to accounts unless we are 100% certain in our decision and as such, we do not currently respond to email, tickets, appeals or tweets regarding macro bans.

I have evidence that I wasn't using a bot when I was banned

The date an account is banned for a macro offence is not necessarily the date the offence occurred, as it may takes several days to compile the evidence we have obtained. The date that an account is banned is the date that we have compiled sufficient evidence that a macro offence has taken place.

I was just logged in for a long time/I didn't talk and I was mistaken for a bot

We're fully aware that players may login for an extended period of time and play without speaking, as they just want to play undisturbed. Please be assured that we don't ban accounts based on login time alone, or their decision not to chat to other players. We only ban accounts when we have evidence that a macro program has been used on the account.

You've not investigated enough

We do not remove innocent players from our game, as there is no benefit to us in doing so. We thoroughly investigate both the macro offence, as well as the status of the account at the time of the offence, and if an account has been banned, it is because a macro program was used on the account and there is no evidence that the account was hijacked at the time of the offence.

I didn't break the rules intentionally/I didn't know I'd get banned All players are advised to read our Rules and also agree to our T&Cs and Privacy Policy upon creating their account. Our policy with regards to macro use is also well known within the community and to claim you didn't break the rules intentionally isn't going to lead to your account being unbanned.

Jagex has always operated a zero tolerance policy with regards to 3rd party programs.

A permanent ban is a bit harsh/It's not fair/I deserve a second chance The duration of a ban is dependent on the severity of the offence. If an account has been permanently banned, it is because we feel that this is the correct punishment. We appreciate the account owner may not agree, but our decision is final.

All players who have been banned for macro use receive a second chance as we allow them to create a new account and start afresh. As long as they resist the temptation to use a macro program, they have no reason to fear their account being banned for macro use.

Banned Account Reinstatement/Roll Backs Banned Account Reinstatement & Roll Backs were used for a short period of time as an alternative to permanent macro bans. These were offered with the best of intentions, so that players could learn from their mistakes, but the truth is that they just didn't work.

As such the decision was made to no longer offer these options and instead revert to bans, as this was the only punishment which proved effective. There are currently no other alternative methods of punishment for accounts banned due to macro use.

I was just using another client We do not ban players unless the program they have used breaks our Rules on macroing, and third-party software . As long as the program you're using does not provide you with an opportunity to gain an unfair advantage, your account will not be banned.I have no reason to bot/I'm a high level, why would I bot?

Players use macro programs for a variety of reasons and just because an account is high level, it doesn't mean that the account doesn't have a reason to bot.

I just bought membership/I want a refund We ban any player we catch using a macro program so it's inevitable that some players may have subscribed just before they were banned. It's unfortunate, but ultimately you should not have used a macro program. Further details regarding our refunds policy can be found via our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.If I create another account, are you just going to ban that? Can I send you screenshots to prove I wasn't botting?


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