Runescape Combat money Making guide

May 12, 2016

Runescape: Fastest F2P Money

Item requirements

Two-handed Magic or Ranged weapon recommended

Quest requirements Inputs
Other requirements Outputs
Location Experience gained

15, 000 experience
5, 000 experience

Guards are found in various locations around Gielinor, with six of them located at the Varrock Palace. On death, they occasionally drop 3 grapes, used for making wine and each worth 1, 874. Without competition, this is a good way to earn money in free-to-play. Teleport to Varrock using the lodestone network, and head north towards the palace. Attack the guards using whatever style is best, although they are weak to air spells. Each guard takes a little less than 60 seconds to respawn, and you should be able to kill all six easily within that period. At higher combat levels, it's also possible to cycle between two worlds using the "Join" function on the Friends List, letting you kill about twice as many guards per hour. The guards drop three grapes about 20% of the time. When your inventory is full, head to the bank located just south west of the palace. The automatic healing inside the bank will negate any need for food. When you're finished, sell the grapes on the Grand Exchange.Due to constantly changing prices on the Grand Exchange, some information in this article may or may not be current.
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Runescape Combat Money Making Guide 1M Per Hour
Runescape Combat Money Making Guide 1M Per Hour
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