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Players can store coins and most other items in the bank

A Bank is a facility that allows players to deposit, store and withdraw their items. It is usually a standalone building, but is sometimes only a chest, or even a non-player character. A Bank Deposit Box allows players to deposit any items in their inventory, but not withdraw items from their bank.

Banks are often popular locations for trading as players are right beside where they can keep most of their money and items. Banks are indicated on the world map with a Dollar icon.

Most banks provide the player with the ability to recover life points at 10% of your total every second upon entering the bank, providing a useful place to recover health quickly after combat. This does not work with bank chests or deposit boxes, or when the player is poisoned or in combat.

Development historyEdit

Varrock Bank

The bank was added on 23 January . The use of pack mules, or separate accounts made solely to carry items, was common to hold additional items since space was limited. In, users had much less space. Before RuneScape Classic was made members-only, free users had one bank page, while members had four (upgraded from two pages).

The banks in RuneScape were originally called the Bank of Varrock (they were all branches of the main bank in Varrock), but the name was changed to the Bank of RuneScape.

With the Bank Update and Item Lending update on 14 July 2008, the bank interface was improved to include tabs to organise items, a search function to find any item by name, and a counter to show the available bank space. It also added the ability to repeatedly withdraw/deposit the number of items last entered using Deposit-x or Withdraw-x (After the update, banking transactions became slower as item withdrawals and deposits take a slightly longer time to complete).

On 29 July 2008, the Item Lending Update introduced the Withdraw-All but one option for withdrawals from the bank. With this, players are able to leave one place-holder item in the bank, so that the positioning of the item is not disrupted if the player accidentally withdraws all items. The update also increased the speed of the scroll bar on the bank interface, which has helped to combat the lag after the previous change. It is unknown whether Jagex is aware of the lag in withdrawals and deposits, or whether this slight delay will be fixed in the future.

On 3 March 2009, the deposit-all feature was introduced. Players can dump all items from their inventory, items worn, and items carried by their Beasts of Burden.

10 additional bank spaces were added on 12 April 2010 but were not announced in the news post for the Dungeoneering skill on its initial posting.

On 9 November 2010, the bank system was updated to let players "equip weapons and armour, eat food, fill essence pouches, drink antipoison and energy potions, and much more" without actually having to close the bank interface.

On 6 December 2011 30 free bank spaces were added for members along with the new money pouch and toolbelt.

On 10 May 2012 with the release of bonfires, 10 free bank spaces were added for people who registered their email address.

On 28 August 2012 bank boosters were added to Solomon's General Store. The bank boosters boost bank space by 50. There were 5 bank boosters available to buy, so a total of 250 bank spaces could be purchased.

On 20 November 2012, with the release of the Evolution of Combat, all players' items were unequipped and were put in their inventories or banks if there wasn't space. Jagex added 15 extra bank spaces to ensure that all items would be safe.

On 15 September 2014 five more bank boosters were added to Solomon's General store, adding another 250 bank spaces available for purchase, increasing the total to 500.

On 29 September 2014, a ninja team update made it possible to fill Beast of Burden familiars directly from the bank.

Addition of the Grand ExchangeEdit

After the introduction of the Grand Exchange (on 26 November 2007) banks ceased to be popular centres of trading. Now, most transactions take place within the Grand Exchange.

When the Grand Exchange was released, players could select the *Collect Banker* option and the banker would notify players that they did not have a Grand Exchange account. This got new players thinking that the Grand Exchange was for members only.


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