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November 10, 2019

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After waiting for a long time, skilling pets finally released to Old School. Some lucky dogs have already got one of the skilling pets, are you ready to take your chance in game? You see, it is quite rare to get a skilling pet, you will have to spend a long in training skills to get one. If you are in need of Runescape 2007 gold you can always buy cheap RS 07 gold on RSorder. Here are our tips on how to increase your chance to get a skilling pet in game.

Get skilling pets faster in Old School

It is not easy to get a skilling pet in Old School. Typiaclly, the pet drop rate is dirrerent for different activities at different levels. Higher tier activities have higher rates of getting a pet, such as maic logs for Wood cuting or Black Chins for hunt. As you get a higher level you will have a better very slightly chance of receiving a pet. You are more like to get a pet with the Runite Ore, Magic Logs, Dark Crabs and Black Chins. No one can gurentee that you can get pet in these ways, but you can always have a try and take your chance.

It is possible to get skilling pets in Deadman mode

Skilling pets in Old School makes it really fun and rewarding to train skills in the game. So there is no doubt that many of you wondering is it possible to add skilling pet to Deadman mode. One of the number of Old School confirmed that it is possible to add these skilling pet to Deadman mode. Since the skilling pet rates are far more complex than boss pets, it is quite good to have one in Deadman mode.

You should be lucky enough if you want to get a skilling pet. Chances are that you will need Runescape 2007 gold if you spend most of time in training to get a skilling pet, so it is very necessary for you to buy cheap RS 07 gold on RSorder. RSorder Thanksgiving special promotions will be available on our site, just take your time to snap up cheapest RS 07 gold on RSorder.


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