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December 12, 2016

RuneScape 3 EOC 75-99 magic

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Training magic in free-to-play is rather tedious and requires attention, but experience can be gained relatively quickly. Magic training is, for the most part, not extremely expensive, and training up to level 59 can allow a player to use many common and useful non-member spells, including Varrock Teleport, Falador Teleport, Superheat Item, High level alchemy, and Fire Blast.

Quests with Magic experience

It is suggested that you finish these quests before training magic, as it results in some quick magic experience at low levels if necessary items are bought. None of the quests have any skill requirement.

  • The Blood Pact (100 Magic experience) (Note: This quest also gives 100 experience in Attack, Strength, Defence, and Ranged, which may make this quest undesirable for magic pures.)
  • Rune Mysteries an easy quest that gives you a free tower mindspike, 250 Magic XP, and 70 mind runes.

Doing these quests gives a total of 1550 magic experience, which brings a player's Magic level to level 11, with only 34 XP left required to reach level 12.

Also, after completing Death Plateau, a repeatable and simple task carrying boxes becomes available, with each trip (max 5 times, requiring min 10-18 combat level) giving 3x 180 experience reward lamps, totaling 2700 xp in total.


Players can use magic in combat to gain magic experience in Daemonheim. This magic experience will come as an added bonus to the Dungeoneering experience. As with the Fist of Guthix activity, this method of training magic experience is somewhat slower than methods of powertraining magic listed below, but comes with extra rewards (both Dungeoneering experience and rewards).

When using Magic in Daemonheim, the highest level staff available should always be used. For F2P players, a tangle gum staff should be bound until level 10 Magic, then a seeping elm staff until level 20, then a blood spindle staff until level 30, then an utuku staff until level 40, and finally a spinebeam or catalytic staff. All of these staves provide unlimited elemental runes, allowing the caster to use any offensive spell that they wish. Staves are recommended over dual-wielding a wand and orb, due to the dual-wielding ability, Concentrated Blast, being a member's only ability and the orb costing an additional bind.

Available F2P Dungeoneering rewards are:

Air spells

With the Evolution of Combat, air spells now only require air runes to be cast. Using a mindspike (recommended over both Caitlin's staff and a staff of air) will allow you to train magic free of cost.

Goblin Village is an excellent place to train any low level combat skill, including magic. By standing near the fire in the center of the village, almost all visible goblins will be targetable by magic without moving. They are fairly easy to kill with one hit even at low magic levels, and each kill results in 25 exp towards magic and 7-9 exp to Constitution when only training on magic. Using this method a player can easily get from level 1 to the level 21 (low alchemy) in ~141 kills (as little as 12 minutes). From level 1 to level 41 (air blast- 3rd level of air spell) can take as little as 100 minutes.

Past level 41, both guards and hill giants are weak to air spells and offer better exp/kill and better drops. Guards are found in groups near the entrances of Varrock and Falador. Barbarians are also easy to kill with magic.


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