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June 23, 2016

Runescape Bot Nuke Update and

To celebrate Bot-Nuking Day - the biggest bot-busting initiative in RuneScape history - weare running a series of bonus events this week which will be fairer and more fun for everyone. As well as the bot-busting update we will introduce a brace of brand-new reporting functions.

This week, from Tuesday until Friday, we will be running exciting events with XP and progress boosts for everyone who wants to get involved. Best of all, bots won’t be issue!

Here is a reminder of what’s coming up:


Slayer skill day: All Slayer XP earned from killing assigned targets will be tripled, and some monsters will have a faster respawn time.


Castle Wars day: Tickets earned from winning a game will be triple the usual amount.


Distraction and Diversion day: Bonus rewards will be given for the following:

  • Penguin Hide & Seek: Double points.
  • Evil Tree: Triple XP.
  • Shooting Star: Triple XP while mining it and increased final rewards.
  • Familiarization: Players will receive the lucky charm AND ingredient box instead of having to choose.

Penguin Hide & Seek and Familiarization will be reset on the day, so you can have another crack even if you've already done them this week. All other D&D limitations remain the same (i.e. only two Evil Trees a day).


Soul Wars day: Players will receive triple the usual amount of zeal points.

These days will run from midnight to midnight (BST), with the exception of Tuesday which will run from game update time until midnight (BST). Unlike previous Bonus XP events, these modifiers will not deteriorate and will remain constant for the durations stated above.

We’re confident that today’s update will break the vast majority of bots in the game at the moment, but we still need your help in keeping RuneScape a fun and fair place to play. To help you help us we have implemented some enhanced reporting functions:

  • You can now right-click on a player’s name, or a line of their chat, to report them. This will make it easier to do and will help eliminate errors in reporting botters with hard to spell names. This can be enabled through the in-game options screen.
  • The “Report Player” button will now open a summary of recent chat, so you can easily select the part you’re referring to.
  • If you’re in a dangerous area and you need to report a player using bots or bugs to their advantage, you can now log out and send a report from the lobby.

We hope you all have an awesome time during this momentous week and we look forward to seeing you slaying slavering beasts, hunting fallen stars and dominating Castle Wars and Soul Wars!

The RuneScape Team

In other news...

  • Due to the complex nature of today’s game update, there may be a few minutes of down time while we update and test our systems. Thank you for your patience while we do this, and rest assured that we’ll get things running again as soon as we can.
  • We’ve made some improvements to our graphical engine which will aid us in the future development of RuneScape’s look and feel. Players using Direct X mode will notice palette consistency for the first time with Open GL. Other visual improvements under development include our new water shader. We’ll be continually improving the look of the game over the months to come. We’re confident that this won’t impact upon gameplay, but if you do notice any graphical glitches please submit a bug report. Switching to OpenGL or Software mode in your graphics options will nullify any problems that do arise.
  • It is now possible to view the amount of resources a Clan member has collected by using a new button on the Clan Chat side interface, next to the Kick button, which give Admin levels and higher information on clan citadel resources gathered by any online clan member that week. This information is only given if the clan member is online, has membership, is not on probation and has visited since the last build tick.

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