Runescape Corrupt Dragon

June 5, 2016

Runescape corrupt dragon mace

Corrupt dragon battleaxeC. dragon battleaxe (deg)infobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddenYesNoinfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-hiddenNoYesinfobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-showninfobox-cell-hidden12000072000120, 000 coins72, 000 coinstrueCorrupt dragon battleaxeC. dragon battleaxe (deg)03895230Not sold389, 523 coins (info)Not soldNo data to displayNo data to display-10-infobox-cell-hiddeninfobox-cell-showninfobox-cell-hiddenReclaimable
Reclaim: 18, 290
Sacrifice: 73, 160Reclaimable
Reclaim: 6, 600
Sacrifice: 26, 400truetruetrue72, 000 coins43, 200 coins48, 000 coins28, 800 coins1397313975Versions: 2

Defined properties: Item ID1: 13973 Item ID2: 13975 Weight: 2.721 Value1: 120000 Value2: 72000

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The Corrupt dragon battleaxe is the strongest battleaxe available to non-members, but it crumbles to dust after 30 minutes of wielding. This weapon also gives the second highest damage bonus for non-members (succeeded by the Corrupt dragon spear). It requires 60 Attack to wield. Although it has a higher damage output per second than its one-handed rune counterparts, its price and short lifetime makes it completely impractical for training.

Players can obtain this item either by trading with another player, or by receiving it as a rare drop from killing Revenants or the Chaos Elemental.

In Wilderness, when a player is killed with the degraded version of this weapon, coins are dropped instead of the battleaxe (approximately it's half GE price * remaining lifetime in minute/30minute). You cannot trade the degraded version.

Warning: Once you wield this item for longer than a few seconds, it will have the word (deg) added to its name and it becomes untradeable. Using this item in combat adds the (deg) to its name almost instantly, also rendering it untradeable. It may be assumed that this has been done to prevent players from using it and then selling it when there is only a little amount of time left for it to degrade.

It can be bought from the Grand Exchange in Varrock. The Corrupt dragon battleaxe's initial price was 120, 000 coins.

  • As 30 minutes contain 3000 ticks, and the battleaxe attacks once every 6 ticks, you are able to land, at most, a total of 500 hits before it crumbles to dust. Thus, each hits using this weapon cost at least 779 coins.

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