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February 8, 2017

Activation Confirmation

RuneScape Authenticator provides an extra layer of security for your RuneScape account. In addition to your username and password, you will use a code generated by an application running on your phone each time you log in.

With RuneScape Authenticator enabled, no one will be able to access your account unless they have your username, password and the code generated by your mobile phone.

Activation Instructions

To set up RuneScape Authenticator you will need a code generator app. As RuneScape Authenticator is based on a widely used standard, there are many existing applications available and Jagex has not produced an official RuneScape Authenticator app. The following apps are recommended:

If you don't have one of these phones, see the for further instructions.

The first step is to link the app on your phone to your RuneScape account. This is done by entering a code from the website into the app. If your phone has a camera, scan the QR code on the page using the app for quick setup. If your phone doesn't have a camera, click "Code won't scan?" and follow the instructions.

Your code generator app will now start generating its own 6 digit codes. The code for your account changes every 30 seconds and this is part of how the system keeps your account secure.

The final step is to enter the code displayed in your code generator app into the website.

Activation Confirmation

If you receive an error that the code you entered was incorrect, please ensure that clock on your device is set to the correct time for your area. The majority of issues with this system arise because the clock is wrong by a few minutes.

Your account is now secured by RuneScape Authenticator. You will need your code generator app each time you log in to RuneScape or Old School.

Login Instructions

Logging in to your RuneScape account once you have activated your authenticator will change. Every time you login you'll be asked to provide a code from your mobile. Open the authenticator on your mobile and generate a code for RuneScape. Enter this on the website and you'll see the lobby as normal.

You can set the computer you are currently logging in from to be a trusted computer. Doing so will mean that for the next 30 days you will not be asked for an authenticator code when logging in from that computer.

We would not recommend adding computers to your trusted list unless they are private and are not used by anyone else.

With RuneScape Authenticator enabled, no one can access your account unless they have your username, password and access to your code generator.

However, the entire system can be disabled via your email account. It is therefore extremely important to keep your email account secure as well.

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