Why do developers change your favorite game

April 9, 2020

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Many people are struck by how conservative gamers are in their choice. Apparently, this is due to the laws of nature embedded in our consciousness, as well as the social current, which is easier to succumb to public opinion. Many of the gamers who play one or two games that they like will remain in them for a long time. And during this period, the brain blocks the perception of other games, which can be many times more interesting, more beautiful. If the brain allows you to scatter attention, the player most likely will not be able to enjoy the game.

The gamer joins the party of one game and plays only it, ignoring other games. He consciously and subconsciously does not want to go to something new, to break out of the usual party and rules. After all, in the new game you need to comprehend new rules, make new acquaintances so as not to feel lonely, etc.

For this simple reason many online games are constantly evolving and periodically changing to keep the audience. The old player must be constantly in the process, he should not feel that the game is over, completed and he simply repeats the path. Otherwise, the blockage in his brain will drop, and his perception will be open to a new game. Consequently, he will go to competitors. You need to read Wizdo News to keep abreast of changes in the game, learn something new. But you don’t have to dwell only on news overlooking the games: you also need to delve into politics, economics, sports and business, otherwise you can sit at home for a long time without realizing what is happening around you.

Therefore, do not be surprised when developers import large-scale changes into their games, add content and new regulations. This is the usual process of retaining audience that has been in the game for a long time and has become boring.

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