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April 23, 2020

The Wise Old Man s POH

The Aquarium is a room in a player-owned house where players can showcase their Fishing skill. Building an Aquarium requires level 63 Construction and 200, 000 coins. The room was suggested on the forums and chosen by players in a Player Power poll. The Aquarium can only be built on the ground level, and has 4 doors. Players can only have one Aquarium at a time, but it can be removed and placed somewhere else without losing any progress. The Aquarium is one of the few updates for which a design document was made public.

A player diving in their aquarium

There are five types of hotspots available and special objects for underwater usage:

  • Centrepiece wall - Scenery.
  • Diving suit - An outfit that allows certain daily and weekly rewards to be collected.
  • Supply - Scenery.
  • Prawnbroker - Location and type of shack the Prawnbroker resides in.
  • Fish-head - Scenery similar to the big fish in the Skill Hall.
  • Underwater - Scenery and rewards accessible through certain diving suits.

Before purchasing prawn perks, every 35, 000 life points worth of aquarium-related fish fished by the player will receive either a prawn ball, prawn cracker or golden prawn cracker. The prawn balls can be opened by one player, while the crackers have to be used on another player, and both will get a reward. Once in a while when fishing, you will receive a golden fish egg of the type you are fishing, so long as you don't already have that egg. You can also get golden fish eggs from prawn balls or crackers, from golden prawn crackers, from the Motherlode Maw, or once from the Prawnbroker. Players may toggle the option to receive prawn balls while fishing by talking to the Prawnbroker.

A great white shark.

There are fourteen golden fish eggs to collect, and you can put the eggs in the bathysphere to make a fish appear in your aquarium. Right clicking the bathysphere gives you the option to view your fish list showing you which fish you have found and which ones you still need. Each egg collected will let you unlock one of the fifteen prawn perks at the Prawnbroker. You can also get four more prawn perks by collecting 1, 20, 100 and 200 prawn balls. Unlocking 15 prawn perks is a requirement for the completionist cape, and collecting all 18 prawn perks is a requirement for the trimmed completionist cape.

If the aquarium is removed, any fish unlocked remain after the room is rebuilt, but all furniture will be lost.


Because you receive prawn balls based on how many life points the fish heal, you should generally catch fish that give the highest life points per hour, until you've received that egg, and then potentially move on to the next best. This table lists the 14 fish approximately in order of life points fished per hour at 99 Fishing.

If you are 99 Fishing, you can get 50 free Prawn balls by talking to the Prawnbroker, which should be done first as it may provide your first Golden eggs and Prawn pennies/pounds. As eggs are caught, they should be added to the aquarium and the rewarded Perks cashed in. The recommended order of Perks is:

  • 'Greater chance of receiving Prawn Balls'
  • Rest of Tier 1 perks
  • Tier 2 perks
  • 'Prawn Pennies and Prawn Pounds last 2x as long'
  • Rest of Tier 3 perks
  • Tier 4 perks
  • Rest of the perks


Some decorations are included with the Aquarium by default and some must be obtained from prawn balls and from fishing. Before you can use new decorations you must add them to your Bathysphere by clicking on them and then clicking on the Bathysphere.


Building a good house in Runescape with great DESIGN!
Building a good house in Runescape with great DESIGN!
Runescape - House Design
Runescape - House Design
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