RuneScape Slayer Monsters

May 3, 2020

Ogre and Goblin Artwork

The Slayer Tower, once known as Viggora's Folly, is located in north Morytania, to the north-west of Canifis. There are four floors (the last one accessed only with 71 Agility), each with increasingly dangerous Slayer monsters. It is also known as the "Morytania Slayer Tower" (the name also used for it by the ring of slaying). All monsters within the building require a certain Slayer level to kill, the lowest being crawling hands at level 5, and the highest being abyssal demons at level 85 Slayer. It should also be noted that it is not possible to set a dwarf multicannon inside and around the tower. Trying to do so will result in a message saying: "Dark forces are preventing the dwarven construction from working." You can, however, place the cannon once outside the gated area surrounding the tower.

The entrance to the Slayer Tower.

A closer view of the gargoyle statues

There are a number of ways to get to the tower.

  • The fastest way to get to the Slayer Tower is to use the ring of slaying, the Mask of Broken Fingers, the Mask of the Abyss, or the Mask of Mourning.
  • Fairy rings can be used to access code C•K•S which leads to a spot just south of the tower.
  • Travel to nearby Canifis using a Kharyrll Teleport either via a player-owned house portal or through Ancient Magicks.
  • An ectophial can be used to teleport to Port Phasmatys, walking west from there.
  • Charter to Port Phasmatys, but, this costs GP and also takes more time than other teleports.
  • Walking from Varrock through Paterdomus, although this is by far the longest route and requires 65 Agility, unless the player walks to the area via the basement.
  • Using the wicked hood after putting an earth talisman, earth tiara or omni-talisman/tiara giving you two teleports each day.

The tower was designed and built in the Second Age by General Viggora in hopes that it would prove his fellow generals that humans were more than Zaros' pets, naming it Viggora's Fortress. He claimed it was so tall, he could see half of Forinthry from the top floor on a clear day. He declared before the other generals that the tower was a testament to the talents of humankind in the service of Zaros. However, they merely sneered at the fortress and humankind for attempting to stand tall. They then dubbed it Viggora's Folly and called it a testament to Viggora's idiocy. The only general who remained silent was the Mahjarrat Zamorak, by then known as Zamorak the Scourge. Viggora made a point to remember his silence.


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