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March 10, 2018

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Demon Slayer is a quest in which you have to stop a cult of Zamorakian wizards who are trying to summon the powerful demon Delrith.

Official description

A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the city of Varrock. You are the one destined to stop him (or at least try).


Start by talking to Gideon Bede in the Saradominist church north of the Varrock Museum. He gravely tells you that a follower of Zamorak, Denath, has stolen an ancient Tome of Demonology from the Edgeville Monastery. This book was used generations ago to summon a powerful demon named Delrith.

The Silverlight Trials

After talking to Gideon, climb down the trapdoor in the same room, directly south of him. Walk a bit north and you will see three spirits, each linked to an attribute: the Spirit of the Mind, the Spirit of the Body, and the Spirit of Faith. Speak to any one of them about Silverlight, and they will tell you you have to pass three tests to prove yourself worthy of the sword.

The following can be done in any order.


The Spirit of the Mind in the eastern room wants to test your focus on the job at hand. You must thus answer a series of simple questions pertaining to the quest.

  1. Why are you in this place? - I seek Silverlight.
  2. And what is Silverlight? - A sword that slays demons.
  3. Why do you require a sword that slays demons? - A powerful demon threatens Varrock.
  4. Who is this demon? - Delrith
  5. And who sends you to claim Silverlight and fight Delrith? - Gideon Bede

Content with your answers, the spirit goes back to the altar in the central room.


The spirit directs you on the invisible path.

In the northern room, you must walk along an invisible path guided by the spirit. Sections of the path will become visible as you walk over them. When doing this trial, you must only take one step at a time, waiting for the spirit to tell you which direction to walk. If you step off the path, you fall into the chasm and appear to die, however, you don't. You respawn at the start of the trial.

Once you're on the first part of the path, the order is:

  1. North
  2. East
  3. West
  4. South

When you reach to the other side of the chasm, walk back over to the central room, taking any path you wish.


Enter the west cavern and speak with the spirit of the Body, who wants to test your physical ability to wield the Silverlight. He asks you to kill the 10 skeletons piled up beside him. As the skeletons attack simultaneously using ranged, with a maximum hit of 1, pillars can be used to decrease the amount of damage taken by hiding.

Once you defeat all the monsters, the spirit will teleport back to the altar in the main room, pleased with the result.

For Varrock!

Claiming the mighty Silverlight.

After successfully passing the tests, talk to the spirits again. They will congratulate you and break down the barrier to grant you access to Silverlight; you can now finally claim the sword from the altar.

Head up the ladder and you will find a scroll from Gideon to the north of the ladder, which tells you that he has managed to locate Denath. The wizard is currently in the Temple in east Varrock, directly south of Aubury's rune shop. Make your way to the Temple and climb down the trap door just outside the entrance. You will meet Gideon inside.

Note: When you climb down the ladder to the Temple, if you have lost or destroyed Silverlight, or used it to build a 'sword display' in a Quest Hall in your Player Owned House, another Silverlight will be given to you by Gideon Bede.
Gideon Bede: "Take care, hero. This place is likely crawling with Denath's fanatics."
You: "I've lost Silverlight..."
Gideon Bede: "I know. It was returned to me. This time, take better care of it."

Fighting Denath's minions on your trip through the catacombs.

You must now fight your way past some cultists to reach the middle. If you stand close enough to any of the monks, Gideon will attack them - skillers beware of this, as you will get the xp for the monks he kills.

As you kill all of them in a room, a barrier vanishes, allowing you to pass into the next room.


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