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January 29, 2019

Calculator:Rune Goldberg

This section describes how to use this calculator, and gives explanations of terms used and the various settings available.


To add an ability to the bar, click on a slot of the bar, then click on the ability you want to add. To change the ability class, click the icons along the top row. To close the hovering window without adding anything, click the icon in the top-right. To empty the selected slot of an ability, click the button at the bottom of the hover, labelled Clear ability.

The Shift left and Shift right buttons will move all abilites to the right of the one clicked (including it) one space in the chosen direction; when going left, it will overwrite the ability directly to the left (unless it is the first slot, where it will remove the clicked ability). Shift left can be called Delete, and Shift right can be called Insert.

Abilities that cannot be used based on your current settings are greyed out.

Whenever any changes are made to the bar or settings, the AADPT will be recalculated automatically. Only the first 9 slots (outlined in yellow) are accounted for for revolution, as it is in-game.

What is AADPT?

Average ability damage per tick (AADPT) is an empirical measure of comparing revolution bars, and is given as a percentage. It takes account of the maximum and minimum damage of each ability (thus average), is weapon-independent (being a percentage), and is rated per game tick, as opposed to per second (1 tick = 0.6 seconds).

If you wish, you can easily convert AADPT to DPT (damage per tick) or DPS (damage per second):

Find your ability damage in your Gear interface, under the Loadout tab with the combat stats. Multiply this number by the AADPT percentage to get your DPT. E.G. 1666 ability damage with an AADPT of 30.81% gives 513.3 DPT Divide this by 0.6 to convert from DPT to DPS E.G. 513.3/0.6 = 855.5 DPS Equally, you can convert from AADPT to AADPS by dividing the AADPT value by 0.6 E.G. 30.81/0.6 = 51.35% AADPS

Ability changes

Several abilities have to be slightly changed to be used in the calculation.


Bash does 100% ability damage plus your shield's armour value. The armour value needs to be turned into a percentage to be used in the calculation. The highest this can reasonably be is with tier 90 equipment and 99 stats. This is an armour value of 491 and ability damage of 1111 (864 from weapon and 247 from level), giving Bash an overall estimated ability damage of 144%.

Tuska's Wrath

Tuska's Wrath functions differently when on a Slayer task and when off-task. Off-task it does 110% ability damage with a 15 second cooldown. On-task it does 100 × Slayer level as a critical hit (so actually 120 × level). This is converted into a percentage to be used in the calculation: with level 99 Slayer, it can hit 11, 880; ability damage of tier 90 weapons with level 99 skills is 1666, giving an estimated ability damage of 713% - note that this percentage can wildly vary based on your equipment and levels, use with care.

Basic Settings

The basic settings are always shown above the actionbar.

Combat class

This defines which combat class you are using - melee, magic or ranged - and thus which abilities are available.


This defines which hand layout you are using - one-handed, two-handed, duel-wielding or one-handed-with-shield - and thus which abilities are available.


This tells the bar that what you are fighting is not immune to stuns, and as such abilities like Backhand will stun them - which in turn means abilities like Punish will have increased damage if they trigger during the stun duration. Enabling this will either do nothing to your AADPT, or slightly increase the value if the abilities align such that a stun-buffed ability follows a stunning ability.

Ice spells

This works similarly to the above point about stuns, except that ice spells count as stuns when used on stunnable monsters (meaning Wrack) is always buffed). This'll leave a more notable increase in your AADPT, if Wrack is used in it. Unlike conventional stuns, this does not apply when fighting players.


Used by Tuska's Wrath to determine whether to use the on-task or off-task version. See for more.

Loading bars

Using this dropdown menu, you can load a pre-existing ability bar so that you can verify the value it is given or toy with it. Simply select the bar you want from the dropdown then click the Load button - this will erase whatever is in the bar when pressed without confirmation, be aware! You can also load bars by clicking the Load in calculator links on Revolution/Bars.

Clear bar

Clicking this button will empty the actionbar of any abilities. There is no additional confirmation of this and it cannot be undone!

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings are hidden by default, and can be shown by clicking the show advanced settings button (and hidden by the same button).


This variable defines how many ticks the revolution bar is simulated for in order to calculate the AADPT. Increasing the value is will increase the accuracy of the AADPT, but will also increase computation time.


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