Runescape Slayer rewards

August 4, 2016

Gargoyle safespot in Kuradal s

Slayer reward points are awarded when a player finishes an assignment or challenge assigned by any Slayer Master (except Turael/Spria). This ability is unlocked after completing the Smoking Kills quest. The higher level the Slayer Master, the more points are received. Slayer reward points can be traded in to any slayer master for various rewards. The approximate value is 943 coins per point (based on 35 points per batch of Slayer Dart runes)

Slayer challenges are unique challenges occasionally offered by each respective Slayer Masters to players coming to seek a new assignment. Each master's challenge is different and offers Slayer experience when completed, in addition to the regular slayer experience gained while killing the monsters in the task. For players who have completed Smoking Kills, completing a challenge for most masters also awards Slayer reward points, in addition to any slayer reward points normally gained for completing a slayer assignment. Turael/Spria, and Kuradal, however, do not award slayer reward points for completing their challenges. (When the challenge is finished, the chatbox lists on separate lines the rewards for the challenge itself and the rewards if any for completing an assignment.)

Players may decline the challenge without a slayer point penalty and accept a regular task instead. Declining will not permanently ban the opportunity to receive a challenge task; players may be assigned it again in the future.

Note: Slayer challenges do count as assignments, take this into account when you're nearly on your 10th and/or 50th task (for more points). Turael/Spria Turael or Spria asks the player to visit his or her new basement to slay all monsters there in one visit.

The monsters are:

  • Level 5 goblin (2)
  • Level 11 goblin (2)
  • Level 13 goblin (1)
  • Level 11 wolf (2)
  • Level 14 wolf (3)
  • Level 12 minotaur (5)

RuneScape Skill Challenge 5m reward (week 1- Slayer)
RuneScape Skill Challenge 5m reward (week 1- Slayer)
Runescape - 2k Slayer Points Reward - Money Making $$
Runescape - 2k Slayer Points Reward - Money Making $$
Runescape Slayer tasks and rewards!
Runescape Slayer tasks and rewards!
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