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October 13, 2014


Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Steel DragonTable of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

The Brimhaven dungeon is located just south-west of Brimhaven, and is packed with heaps of combat training areas. A preview of the monsters found in the dungeon are; Wild dogs, Moss giants, Fire giants, Greater demons, Baby red dragons, Red dragons, Bronze dragons, Iron dragons, and Steel dragons. Saniboch, the poor bloke, stands guard over the entrance, and demands that you pay 875gp (or free while wearing Karamja gloves 3) to enter every time. Level 15 Agility, is required to make your way through the dungeon.

The metal dragons in this dungeon (steel, iron, and bronze) are very powerful, each holding the ability to crush you, or even burn you into the ground, and as such, require a great deal of skill and internal fortitude to kill effectively but can give huge rewards. Only the mithrils dragon present in the Ancient Cavern can surpass their strength.

To begin with, you need any type of woodcutting axe and at least 905gp (or less if you're wearing any of the Karamja gloves). The money is for the boat ride to and from Brimhaven, and to pay Saniboch, while the woodcutting axe is used to chop the vines within the dungeon. The need for armour, weapons, food, and potions, vary from level to level, and are dependent on what NPC you intend to train on.

Dragon Platelegs Dragon Plateskirt Defence Bonus
Stab: +68 Magic: -4
Slash: +68
Crush: +65 Range: +64

2.0 - Location

The most efficient way to arrive at Saniboch, is either to catch the boat from Ardougne to Brimhaven, or use a Glory amulet to teleport to N. Karamja. Tribesmen can poison, so, if you are below level 64, do not forget to bring an anti poison potion, or try very hard to avoid them. Speak to Saniboch, and pay him 875gp (Picture).

Brimhaven dungeon - full map

3.0 - Monsters

Inside the Brimhaven dungeon, there are nine types of creatures, all found in order of difficulty. Wild dogs roam the entire dungeon, with the exception of the Steel and Iron dragon lair. Below is a thorough listing of the creatures, their training efficiency, and strategies on how to kill them.

Entering the dungeon for the first time, you will be in a big area. Walk south and you will be at some vines. Chop through them with your woodcutting axe, and proceed onwards, via direction of the map below.

Zybez RuneScape Help's location of the Brimhaven DungeonKey:
Green: Moss giants (level 42), dead end.
Blue: Both the blue passageways will take you further into the dungeon.
The north-west passage one goes on to Fire giants, Black demons, Steel dragons, Iron dragons, and Bronze dragons.
The north-east passage goes to Moss giants, Greater demons, and Fire giants.

Name Combat level Life points Location in Dungeon
Moss Giant 42 60 From entrance: South-west, and west passageway
From entrance: North passageway
Wild Dogs 63 Everywhere except for the Steel and Iron Dragons' lair
Baby Red Dragon 65 68 North of the black demons and steel/iron dragons. South-west of the bronze dragons
Fire Giant 86 113 From entrance: Take the west path, up the stairs, and head north.
From entrance: Take south-west path over stepping stones, southern passage, to wild dogs and fire giants
Greater Demon 92 91 From entrance: Take the western path, up the stairs are the Greater Demons
Red Dragon 152 145 North of the black demons andiron/steel dragons.
From entrance: South path over lava, southern path, east, south-east, through the vines, and over the log.
Black Demon 172 165 North of the Steel/Iron dragons, south of red dragons (through pipe), east of Fire giants

For those who wish to train range or mage on the Fire giants or Red dragons, the image below shows safe spots.

Zybez RuneScape Help's map of the Brimhaven Dungeon4.0 - Tactics

This section describes a tactic for each form of combat: melee, magic and ranged. It outlines what levels you should have, what items you should bring, and how to effectively slaughter the dragon of your choice.

Ultimately, it's better to use an Ectophial or a teleport tablet to teleport out, as it means one less space, and that you don't have to swap to your magic window to teleport out in an emergency. If you haven't done the Ghosts Ahoy quest, or don't have an Ectophial, just take a set of Ardougne teleport runes, and remove one piece of food or a potion.

In regards to potions, players can decide to use potion mixes, discovered with Barbarian Training, these differ in how much they boost a skill, but it can be considerably more than normal potions. Potion mixes also heal 10hp each dose, but take up more inventory room as it is only possible to have 2 doses per vial.

4.1 - Melee

Skill Requirements:

  • » Level 55+ Prayer
  • » Level 75+ Attack
  • » Level 80+ Strength
  • » Level 75+ Constitution
  • » Average hit of 200
  • Suggested Equipment:

  • » Dragonfire shield
  • Alternative: Anti-dragon shield
  • » Helm of Neitiznot
  • Optional: Warrior helm or Black Mask (if on a slayer task)
  • » Proselyte chestplate
  • Alternative: Initiate chestplate or Monk robe top
  • » Proselyte platelegs
  • Alternative: Initiate platelegs or Monk robe bottom
  • » Abyssal Whip
  • Alternative: Dragon Scimitar
  • » Amulet of Fury
  • Alternative: God stole or Amulet of glory
  • » Ring of wealth
  • Alternative: Berserker or Warrior ring
  • » Cape of Achievement
  • Alternative: Fire cape, God cape
  • » Barrows glove
  • Alternative: Fist of Guthix gauntlets
  • » Dragon boots
  • Alternative: Rune boots
  • Suggested Inventory:

  • » 1, 000gp
  • » Woodcutting axe
  • » Ectophial
  • Alternative: Teleport Tablet
  • » 6X Prayer restore potions (4-dose)
  • » 2X Super attack (4-dose)
  • » 2X Super Strength(4-dose)
  • » 4x Anti-fire potions (4-dose)
  • » 50 Nature runes, 250 fire runes
  • » 4X Shark, Swordfish, or Lobster (for emergencies)
  • Tactic:

    Using melee to fight metal dragons can be quite rewarding if you can defeat them successfully and efficiently. You may end up spending upwards of 500, 000gp on items to battle these beasts, but eventually you should receive something worthwhile such as dragon platelegs.

    To begin, simply make sure your dragonfire shield is equipped, that you have full prayer points, and that you can teleport out if necessary. Once you've checked these three things, make your way to a part of the metal dragons lair and hide there until one appears for you. Prior to attacking, drink a dose of anti-fire potion, super attack, super strength, and turn on protect from melee. Once you've done this, go ahead and attack. Make sure that you continue to watch your prayer draining, and replenish it when it goes below 10 points or so. Your anti-fire potion will wear off once six minutes have passed so be sure to time yourself accuratly so you don't take any unncessary damage.

    4.2 - Magic

  • » Level 70+ Magic
  • » Level 70+ Defence
  • » Anti-dragonfire shield
  • Alternative: Anti-Dragon shield
  • » Ahrims hood
  • Optional: Farseer helm
  • » Ahrims robe top
  • Alternative: Infinity robe top or Mystic robe top
  • » Ahrims bottom
  • Alternative: Infinity robe bottom or Mystic robe bottom
  • » Chaos Gauntlets if bolting, if not
  • » Barrow gloves and Infinity Boots
  • Alternative: Wizard's boots, mystic boots
  • » Elemental battlestaff
  • » Amulet of fury
  • Alternative: Amulet of glory, Amulet of magic
  • » Seers ring
  • Alternative: Ring of life
  • Optional: Ring of Wealth
  • » God Cape
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