Runescape Low Level money Making

September 15, 2020

Runescape money making guide

If you are new to Runescape you’re probably overwhelmed about all the possibilities this game has to offer, but just like in real life, money is important in this game as well and having a decent cashpile will most certainly help you get ahead faster and with less of an effort. The following Runescape moneymaking guide is meant for the beginner who has absolutely no experience in any of the available skills so you can get started right away.

Alright so there is one small requirement and that’s being a Runescape member (Pay To Play). But that’s all, I swear! Besides if you didn’t know, you can now buy real Runescape membership using your in-game wealth. How about that?

This RS money making guide is very straightforward and is about buying a certain item from an NPC and selling it back to the players through the Grand Exchange. The Grand Exchange, in case you didn’t know, is Runescape’s version of ebay.

Basically you can buy and sell every tradable item in the game in the G.E and because it’s an open market, the price fluctuates a lot which of course means there’s further rs money making potential right there simply by buying low and selling high (business 101, right?).

How to turn 1gp into 1, 000gp

Trade Vanessa in Catherby for plant pots 1gp each currently sell for 706gp each

The image above is pretty much self explanatory, but let me break it down for you just in case you’re still not getting it:

  • Go to Vanessa’s farming shop in Catherby
  • Buy all available plant pots for 1gp each
  • Go to the Grand Exchange in Varrock

As you can see the current G.E market price is 706gp each, but I just managed to get a whopping 1, 000gp each for all of my plant pots. I guess someone really needed them, huh?

Additional notes

Please be nice to everyone and try to maintain at least 700-800gp per plant pot. Otherwise you will contribute to the price falling and this particular Runescape moneymaking method will no longer be worthwhile.

Vanessa only has 100 plant pots and I don’t really know how long it takes for her to acquire more, but I know that you can do this every day, that’s for sure.

Still not enough?

If you’re not satisfied with turning 100gp into 100, 000gp in just 5 minutes, then may I suggest buying more empty plant pots from the G.E for around 35-40gp each and then using them on any of the farming patches around Gielinor to fill them? This way you’ll have unlimited plant pots to sell and you will end up with a pretty insane amount of coins.


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