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September 8, 2016

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Rare item tokens are an item that can be used to unlock rare items that were only available for a limited period of time. Ten tokens were given for free to each player on March 12th 2015 00:00 GMT. The tokens can be won on the Treasure Hunter minigame from March 13th 2015 00:00 GMT. For a limited period from March 13th 2015 00:00 GMT until March 16th 2015 23:59 GMT more of the tokens (175 - 226, 375 - 426, or 775 - 826) could be gained than the usual amount (225 - 276 or 475 - 526).

To unlock an item, click on the tokens to open the rare token store.

Rare token store

There are four tabs: the first tabs are for the three groups of rare items that have been released, the final tab allows you to buy a random rare item from your choice of group.

There are a limited quantity of the items available at a discounted price. Once they are all claimed the items will go up to the full price. The only exception to this are the items on the limited rares tab for which the quantity determines the number of items available, not the number of items at a discounted price. Once these particular items have all been purchase no more will be available.

You will only be able to buy items that you have the tokens for and that you do not already own.

The items available for purchase with rare item tokens are:

The cost of a random item is 800 tokens for a random limited rare, 3200 for a random current rare and 5600 for a random new rare.

Source: services.runescape.com

Runescape rare items
Runescape rare items
Runescape New Rare Item tokens! Update
Runescape New Rare Item tokens! Update
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