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September 18, 2016

My 7 days progress on OSRS as

If you've lost items as a result of service disruption, such as a RuneScape world kicking you out unexpectedly, we will review your claim. Please note that we can verify exact items lost in all cases, therefore exaggerating losses or false claims may leave your entire request invalid.

Please note

Due to technical limitations, we're currently unable to return items on Old School RuneScape. We're unable to return items which were lost due to scamming or account hijacking (hacked). We can only return items which were reported lost within 48 hours, outside of Service Disruption. Items will only be returned to your account if we're able to 100% verify they were lost from data contained within our system information. Screenshots do not count as proof. We only return items if the disruption was a result of our network or systems. We're unable to return non-bankable items e.g. Warbands supplies and XP Lamps. If you choose to ignore the new death mechanic and are unable to make it back to your grave for whatever reason, then we will not return items back to your account.

What we need to know in order to process your request (please use this as a template):

    Which world did you experience the issue? Which location in-game were you? The exact date and time the incident occurred, along with your timezone. (Try to include game-time). Which items did you lose as a result of the issue? Which in-game items you were using at the time? What activity you were performing in-game? Any screenshots (whilst these don't count as proof, they do help give context!)

What Happens Next?

If you have not provided the information above, we will request this information. If we are not able to find returnable lost items during the time provided, we may need further information or may not be able to assist in return of items.

We will use the information provided to look into the possibility of returning items lost;

If the loss is related to a connection issue, we will confirm this against known service disruptions. If it does not match up to known server issues or we do not have evidence for this on our systems, we will not be able to return items If the loss is related to a possible in-game content issue, we may also request that you submit an in-game bug report. We can only return items in these cases if the cause has been confirmed by our QA team to be a bug. In-game bug reports provide valuable information, only accessible through the report, about your character, progress at the time of your report and a saved version of your settings to allow us to replicate this issue.
Source: services.runescape.com

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