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September 10, 2016

The current RuneScape login

The first option is by clicking on the 'Extras' button on the ribbon. Clicking on this section will open the RuneScape Bonds interface which will provide details on how many of your RuneScape Bonds are tradeable or untradeable; and also has a button for redemption. Note that, if you wish to redeem a RuneScape Bond it needs to be in your backpack.

Hero interface

The second method of changing your Character Name is by visiting the hero interface and switching to the summary page. From there click the ‘Change Name’ button that is above your avatar.

Please note that if you have a Bank PIN activated, you will be asked to enter this when redeeming RuneScape Bonds.

If you have recently changed your Character Name you see this screen. It will tell you how long you can wait to change your character name for free and let you know how many Bonds you have available in order to change your name early.

Once you have redeemed your Bond you will go through the Character Name selection where you can enter the name you would like and check its availability. If the name is not available, suggestions will be given. Remember, Character Names can be a maximum of 12 characters long.

It is worth noting, that when redeeming a Bond to change your Character Name there is no guarantee that the name you want will be available. This does not stop you from choosing a variation and other names will be suggested to you as well. Please be aware that you are redeeming the Bond for the ability to change your Character Name, you are not buying a name with the redeemed Bond.

RuneScape Members with a level of 1000 or higher will have the opportunity to grab a newly released name in the first 24 hours of the names being released and then all members will be able to get involved and change their name. This means that if you have purchased a Bond or Character Name Change and are finding you are unable to use it instantly, you will be able to use it 24 hours after the latest batch of names is released. Please remember that purchasing a bond does not guarantee the purchase of a certain name.

Players do not have to be level 1000 to change their name. As long as you are a RuneScape Member you can take advantage of the newly released names, 24 hours after each batch of names is released.

After each batch of names is released, players who have a level of 1000 or higher will be given 24 hours in which to change their Character Name. All other RuneScape members will then be able to redeem a bond for a Character Name Change or use their monthly Character name change in order to choose a name from the latest batch.

As our Players are aware, we are keen to always keep RuneScape a growing and organic game and want our community to enjoy the experience. Releasing 50 million names all at once would likely cause some player disruption so we will look to release the names in small batches starting from late July 2014 and running through to the end of August 2014 when all 50 million names will have been released.

We're always looking for ways to improve things, so in response to player feedback, we’ve tweaked the process related to changing your character name.

The list of character names will be published in a newspost on the Runescape.com homepage as well as the forums. These lists will be made available at the same time that the names are released. Check the list out for a little inspiration, but bear in mind that it will quickly become out of date as character names are taken.

As we are publishing the list simultaneously with the release we have disabled the name checking function on the website in order to improve performance. This is different from what players have been able to do previously so please be aware this is a conscious change we have made to enhance the process for you and that you do not need to contact us about it being a potential bug.

If you choose a name that is not available or taken then you will still be notified of this when you attempt to use your Character Name Change.

You may be unable to choose certain names due to them being already taken or being blocked by our filter for being offensive to other players in the community.

When you attempt to change your character name you should be presented with some variations and alternative suggestions if the name you want is taken. In addition, there is nothing stopping you from trying to see if a different name is available before selecting it.

We have the check availability function before confirming your new name to help you with this.

No, you are unable to swap names between accounts.

We understand that with the release of millions of new names into the community, players may want to have more than one name attached to their account or may wish to reserve a name.

We are unable to reserve a name for players. Rather than contact us, we encourage players to use our new Character name change system if you wish to change your name and not miss out on one of the cool names being released. Some people add the names to their friend list, some check the availability after redeeming a bond

Our current reserve system where your old name remains linked to your account for a short time will remain in effect. This means if you have had a name for a few years and want to try out a new name then you will be able to revert back to your previous Character Name if you change it within the allotted time. You can revert back to your previous Character Name by waiting for the 28 day period or by using a Character Name change.

We have spent a lot of time identifying the released names and have reached out to millions of players via email as well as releasing our news post and FAQ about the Character names that were going to be made available.

One of the requirements of releasing the old Character Names is that none of these names have played RuneScape for a substantial period of time.

If a Character Name has become available that you want we really encourage you to login and try to choose it.

Where there is clear evidence that the account has been accessed by a hijacker and we are happy that you have taken reasonable care to secure your account, we will do our best to return the name to your account.

Most certainly, paying members can still change their names every 28 days as long as they have active membership. The new ability to purchase a ‘character name change’ will allow members to change their name more often, as well as allow our non-members to change character name if they spend a bond.


All accounts created after November 2010 will continue to have their email login while older account will continue to keep their login name. This has not changed.

Source: services.runescape.com

Old School Runescape
Old School Runescape
old runescape login
old runescape login
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