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October 28, 2021

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Step 1Intermediate



Be able to withstand attacks from level 84 Moss Giants without any armor or prayer.

A Rope, 6 Water runes, 6 Air runes, and 6 Earth runes.


A Games necklace, Ring of duelling or Amulet of glory(4) or Ardougne teleport method, and Food and Armor for low-level players.

Book on baxtorian, A key, Glarial's pebble, Glarial's amulet, and Glarial's urn.

40 mithril seeds (allows you to grow flowers), 2 Cut diamonds, 2 Gold bars, 13750 Attack and Strength XP.

House near Baxtorian falls.

Speak to Almera.

  1. Talk to Almera in her house and she will tell you her son is looking for treasure at the waterfall. There is a raft behind the house. Get on it and it will take you down stream and the raft will crash and break in half, and you will see the boy. Talk to him to go home to his mother, but he'll refuse. Talk to him again and offer to help and he'll reject your offer claiming that you'll steal the treasure.
  2. Once you are done talking to him, look down the way to the waterfall (south Bottom View) and you will see a rock, now you right click on it and it will say "Swim to", use the rope with this rock and you will go across.Step 2 Now use the rope on the dead tree and you will appear by a doorway, get in the barrel and you will end up by a fence, follow it up to a house. (Climbing on the dead tree at the top of the waterfall gives 8 damage and opening the door on the ledge without a Glarial's amulet gives 5 damage).
  3. Inside the house talk to Hadley, then go upstairs and search the bookcases to the get a book called "Book of baxtorian". Read it and you will find out that the elves hid treasure under the falls. You will also learn that you can access the tomb of Glarial using Glarial's pebble, which is hidden under the Tree Gnome Village.
  4. Go to the Tree Gnome Village Maze and make your way through it (use the map below if needed) to the dungeon ladder and climb down. Once in the cave, head to the east side of the cave and search the crates to find a key. Head west and use the key on the gate to free Golrie. Talk to him to get Glarial's pebble.
  5. Now, put any armor and runes in the bank and make sure you have good food and the pebble. Now go to the grave east of Hadley's house and use the pebble with the grave. Once you are inside the tomb, ignore the monsters and head west of the ladder, past the level 84 Moss Giants. Open and search the chest to find Glarial's amulet.Step 3 Now, run into the southern corridor and search the tomb for Glarial's urn.

    Note: You will not be able to enter the tomb if you have any armor, weapons, runes or jewelry on you. Beware, prayers do not work down in the tomb!

  6. Now climb the ladder and leave the tomb. Visit a bank and withdraw a Rope, 6 Water runes, 6 Air runes, 6 Earth runes, and some food and armor if you have a low Combat level.

    Note: Make sure you also have Glarial's amulet and Glarial's urn in your inventory.

  7. Go back to Almera's house and put on the amulet you got from the grave. Go get on the raft and you will appear on the island again, go to the end of the island, use the rope with the rock again and go across. Use the rope with the dead tree that's on the edge of the waterfall and this time you will appear on a ledge in front of a door. Open the door with the amulet equipped.
  8. When you enter the waterfall there will be Shadow spiders (level 52), Fire giants (level 86), Skeletons (level 45), and Skeleton mages (level 16). Take the eastern passage and search the boxes and crates, one of them will have a key. Now go to the west passage and follow it north through the door into the room with Fire giants. Go past them and use the key on the north door into another room.
  9. This is where you use your runes. There are 6 pillars: Put 1 water on each pillar, then 1 air on each pillar, then 1 earth on each pillar and then use Glarial's Amulet with Glarial's statue and the floor will rise. Use Glarial's urn with the Chalice of eternity. (If you are unsuccessful you must put your armor and weapon back in the bank and go back to the grave and get the amulet again).
Map Step 5 Step 7 Step 9
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