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September 10, 2020

WoW Mining Guide | Mining

Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Welcome to the Zybez official mining guide. In this guide and manual, you will find information on various ores, pickaxes, levels, as well as many other useful details. If you are looking for specific information and know which section it would be under, it is as easy as clicking the section, you want to go to in the Table of Contents and it will take you to that section. So sit back and relax for a while, and we will do our best to explain mining simply and clearly.

Mining is probably the most expansive skill in the game, with 14 different types of rocks, tens if not hundreds of mines throughout the world of RuneScape, and being directly associated with the skill that supplies people with weapons and armour. Mining in itself, just ores and bars, accounts for more than 15% of the RuneScape economy.

2.0 - Basics

Mining is a simple, almost self-explanatory skill. To increase your mining level, you mine ores. The higher you raise your level, the more types of ores and rocks you can mine. Once you know your way around mining well you will be able to tell the content of a rock simply by looking at its colour. However, if you do not, there is a handy feature to help you. If you are unsure about a rock, you first want to right-click on it, then click "Prospect." Your character will then proceed to tell you what is (or perhaps is not) in it.

If you have a pickaxe in your inventory or you are wielding it, you can start mining by finding a level 1 ore, which would be either clay, tin, or copper. It will come slowly at first, but as your level improves, you will find that you get the ores faster with each try.

After you successfully mine an ore, the rock you mined it from will go "grey" temporarily. This means there are no ores available in the rock. Once its colour returns, you can mine it again. The time it remains empty depends on several things. First, each rock has a separate "base" respawn time or the amount of time it takes for the ore to return. This base changes by the amount of people on a server; the more people in the world, the faster the respawn time, and the faster you get your next ore.

3.0 - Levels and Requirements

3.1 - Pickaxes

Pickaxes are the only tools required for mining, however in order to use the best ones, there is a requirement. This table shows the types of pickaxes, the mining level required to use one, the attack needed to wield one, and the cost to buy one off Nurmof, the pickaxe seller. Nurmof's shop is located in a room behind the anvils in the Dwarven Mines. The better the pickaxe you use, the faster you will be able to mine ores and the higher chance you will beat other people to them. Remember, even if you do not have a high enough attack level to hold one, but have enough mining, you can still use the pickaxe! For example, if I had 34 mining but only 27 attack, I could not hold an adamant pickaxe, but I could still use it if I had it in my inventory while mining.

3.2 - Ore Information

There are 11 types of metal ores as well as additional ores. Each has its use. The respawn time depends on the amount of players in the server. Here is the basic data for each type:

Next is a complete list of all the known locations for these ores. Remember, not all of these locations are very efficient.

Ore All Known Locations
Clay South-east Bandit Camp (desert), Crafting Guild, Dwarven Mines, Elidinis Clay Mine, Grand Tree Rocks, Port Khazard Mine, Rellekka Mines, Rimmington Mine, West Varrock Mine
Adamantite Al-Kharid Chasm, Al Kharid Slave Camp, Crandor Mines, Dwarven Mines, Edgeville Dungeon, Grand Tree Rocks, Haunted Mine, Heroes' Guild Dungeon, Hobgoblin Mine, Jatizso Dungeon Mine, Karamja Jungle Mine, Pirate's Mine,
Runite Fremennik Isles Rune Mine, Heroes' Guild Dungeon, Lava Maze Dungeon, Rune Rocks Level 46 Wilderness, West Ardougne Mourner's dungeon, near Dark Beasts (level-182)

4.0 - Training and Making Money

So you are working on raising your mining level and want to know how to make the most out of it? Well, that is why I am here, and I suppose that is probably why you are as well. Therefore, I will begin off simply.

Levels 1 to 20

At this level, somewhere between one and twenty mining, there really is not a whole lot to do in the way of money, so you want to be concentrating on levels. The nice thing about low levels such as these is how incredibly easy it is to raise it rapidly. If you are at level one, I suggest you do one of two things: Either go "powermining, " and not worry about how many of what and all that, or mine in a way that you can raise your smithing as well.

If you wish just to get a high mining level for the time being, I suggest you start out in the Eastern Varrock Mine mine with a bronze pickaxe. It is not much, but it will suit. The location of this mine is self-explanatory. To get to it you want to go out of the east gate of Varrock and turn directly south. The mine is just west of the road. Once there, you want to mine any tin or copper rocks you can get your hands on until your inventory is full. Once that occurs, bring your load of ores up to the eastern Varrock bank and deposit them, and return to the mine to do it again. Because there are no monsters prowling the area, you do not need any specific combat level to mine here. You can also sell these ores to Valiane upstairs in the Champion's guild, if you can access it. This is a shorter trip than to the bank.

However, if you want to raise your Smithing a bit as well as you mining, I would suggest once again going to the South-east Varrock mine; but this time be careful to keep a strict 1:1 ratio between the tin and copper that you mine. Bank it after each load; you can smelt it later.

Alternatively, you can do Doric's quest when you're level 1 and you'll immediately get level 10 Mining.

Levels 21 to 40

You are starting to make good progress. You can now mine, in addition to Tin and Copper, Iron and Silver. At this point, I would suggest you try getting a steel pickaxe. A steel pickaxe is not necessary to have, but will make mining faster and easier. You can also by now mine iron without too much of a problem. I now suggest that, regardless of the path you wish to take, you start mining iron by the truckload. There are two good locations for this. You can remain at the Eastern Varrock Mine mine, which I recommend, or you could also move to the Al Kharid Chasm. However, because of level 14 scorpions which reside in that mine you probably want to keep your distance.


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