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April 13, 2020

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Item Discussion Forum Guide

Hi there. This guide will be discussing the Items Discussion Forum. :)

What is the Item Discussion Forum for?

This forum can be used to discuss any in-game items. You could use it for price checks and also post where players can find items.


Can I sell my items here?
Please use the Marketplace Forums. Players only want to discuss items in this forum.

Ive got a great idea for a new weapon. Its the C-N0RR15 Ray Gun that can kill everything in one hit. Can I suggest it here?
If you want to create a thread suggesting brand new content then you should use the Suggestions Forums. Please read the Suggestions to Avoid sticky before you spend hours writing your thread. Some ideas are frequently suggested and others just wouldnt suit RuneScape.

I think this person is selling their item for too much - what should I do?
Nothing. Players are entitled to sell their items for whatever they like.

Ive written this amazing guide about making loads of money from Prayer. Should I post it here?
Please post your guide in the Guides Forum. Your thread should have the word Guide in the title.

What if I think the moderators are wrong?
Forum moderators are hand-picked by Jagex and will make decisions based on their training and game knowledge. Though those decisions may not reflect what you think, their actions are on behalf of Jagex, and are therefore final. Questioning decisions after they have been made will only put your account at risk of removal from the forums.


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