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June 28, 2019

How to code your runescape

The private chat interface is an action window. It allows you to chat to other players without anyone other than the recipient being able to see the message. You can also view game messages in this channel.

As with the majority of action windows you can adjust its size, swap and dock it with other interfaces, and move it around your game window.

Unlike other action windows, this chat channel cannot be hidden from view; it is always visible on the game screen. Although it is docked with the other chat windows by default, it can be removed and repositioned elsewhere.

The Private Chat window

Although it can be modified, the first time you see the private chat box, it will likely resemble the image to the right.

Along the top left of the interface you'll find various filters. Filters, when activated, hide unwanted information. Filters are different to channels as they only hide what is shown in an individual channel rather than preventing discussion or who can view it that discussion. Depending on what channel you are in the filters will change.

Note that if you have turned a particular chat filter off that channel no longer flash when you receive a new message, as all chat of that type is hidden.

Along the top right of the interface you'll find various chat options. Unlike filters which can hide unwanted information, the options will change how chat works.

In the middle of the interface you will see the chat that has occurred since you logged in to the game. New messages will appear at the bottom, with older ones at the top. You can use the scrollbar to the right to view older messages. The filters will hide various aspects of this if you have it enabled, but the chat can be viewed at any time by turning those filters back off again.

At the bottom of the interface is the chat area where you can type your own messages. Click on it to start typing and press 'return' on your keyboard to send the message.

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Best Runescape Private Server!
Best Runescape Private Server!
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Runescape private server - Extinction V2
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RuneScape Private Server -=WebClient=-
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