RuneScape Rune Sword

May 2, 2016

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Defined properties: Item ID: 1319 Weight: 3.628 Value: 64000

[view] • [talk]The rune 2h sword is the strongest conventional 2-handed weapon available to free to play players. Like all rune weapons, it requires 50 Attack to wield.

Players can forge a rune two-handed sword using the Smithing skill at level 99, requiring three rune bars, a hammer, and an anvil, granting the player 225 Smithing experience.

Although it is considered one of the best weapons on RuneScape Classic, and the free-to-play part of the main RuneScape game alike, it is not often used in pay-to-play due to the existence of many other, more powerful weapons. It has since been succeeded by the Gravite 2h sword with regard to power and accuracy.

Being the strongest non-degradable melee weapon usable by players on non-members' servers, it is the most stable and expensive melee weapon in non-members server and the second most popular weapon in terms of trades per day. At one point, it was the single most powerful weapon in the game, and even today is commonly cited as the one of the most important weapons in Runescape's history. It is currently the best and strongest non-degrading free-to-play weapon and is one of, if not the most, commonly used weapons on free-to-play worlds because of its high damage per second and high stats. This is especially true after the Evolution of Combat considerably reduced the damage capabilities of the rune scimitar when used with a shield.

Dropping monsters

For an exhaustive list of all monsters known to drop this item, see here.

Other sources

  • The Rune two-handed sword existed in very early versions of RuneScape and was given to some testers. After it was deemed "too powerful, " it was removed.[source needed]
  • In the early days, Rune two-handed swords sometimes sold for 1 million coins each.
  • When the Rune two-handed sword was put back into the game, this weapon was used by nearly all player killers capable of wielding it, since in RuneScape Classic there were no attack speeds. This also made it by far the most popular weapon for non-members, and nearly all non-members who could afford it wielded one.
  • The Rune two-handed sword's popularity can be attributed to the fact that there was no necessary attack level to wield any weapon before an 2009, an update changed the appearance of the rune 2h sword, making it look like a large rune long sword being held in both hands, similar to the Saradomin sword. However, with the Evolution of Combat update, the model was changed again, giving it a design similar to that of the rest of the weapons in the prominent Rune weapon set.
  • Originally in RuneScape Classic, players could not get the rune 2h as a drop; therefore it was only obtained through players with 98+ Smithing and for prices around 1 million coins. It wasn't until P2P, when black demons and the King Black Dragon was introduced, that it became a monster drop.
  • Smithing the rune 2h sword is one of the best ways to earn Smithing experience in the game in terms of speed and minimal loss, but requires 99 Smithing to achieve and thus isn't very useful for people seeking to train Smithing.
  • The rune 2h sword originally served as a "knockout weapon" for many players in PvP activities, in which a player would (usually) lower the opponent's life points with a fast weapon and then proceed to switch to the Rune 2h for a killing blow. However, because the rune 2h sword now does a significantly higher amount of damage because the speed of all weapon abilities are identical, but still has a significantly higher damage and accuracy bonus than a single handed weapon, this strategy is no longer practical.

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Runescape Damage armor / Rusty Sword [how much can you get?]
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RuneScape: The Rune 2h Sword Scam :D
RuneScape: The Rune 2h Sword Scam :D
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