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August 26, 2020

[Runescape 3] Ultimate 1-99

Air AltarRune/pure essence looks like this:

There are two ways to get essence:

  1. Buy it. Don't buy essence unless you can really afford it, or if the rune is worth more than the essence.
  2. Mine it. This is a more popular approach. Take everything off when mining essence! I see people running to and from the bank with full rune on! This is a big no-no! hold your pickaxe and, if you have them, wear Boots of Lightness (obtained during the Temple of Ikov Quest). Even with a full load of Essence and a rune pickaxe, wearing Boots of Lightness will get your weight to -2 kg.

If you're going to mine the Rune essence, there are 6 Wizards who will teleport you to the mine and one special mine that does not require a teleport. You must have completed the Rune Mysteries quest to be able to mine Rune/Pure Essence.

*= Members only area and therefore you can only use that certain wizard in a members world.

To craft runes, you will first need a talisman. In the quest, you receive an Air talisman for free; you'll have to obtain the others yourself. You can craft the runes without any talisman with you, if you go through a portal in the abyss.

NOTE: All talismans from Air to Nature are also dropped by the Monsters in The Abyss.

Mind AltarThe monsters listed in the table below are only examples, more monsters may drop these (for more detailed information on these monsters refer to the relevant talisman in the items database).

Talisman Picture Where Found
Air Given by Sedridor when completing quest; dropped by level 2 goblins and wizards
Mind Dropped by Imps, Wizards, Yanille Tower Guards, Colonel Radick
Water Dropped by Wizards, Dark Wizards, and Giant Frogs
Earth Dropped by Men and Women around Runescape, Al-Kharid Warriors, Farmers, Rogues, Wizards, Dark Wizards, Vampires, Lesser Demons and Greater Demons
Fire Dropped by Guards, Wizards, Dark Wizards, and Skeletons (lvl18)
Body Dropped by Guards, Giants, Wizards, and Dark Wizards
Cosmic* Dropped by Lesser Demons, Ice Giants, Mysterious Old Man, Otherworldly Beings and Caskets (Big Net Fishing)
Fire AltarChaos* Dropped by Lesser Demons, Skeletons, Giants, Chaos Druids, Moss Giants, Otherworldly Beings, given by the Mysterious Old Man Random Event, Chaos Dwarfs, Black Demons, Ice Warriors, Greater Demons, Baby Dragons, Hobgoblins, Fire Giants, Shadow Warriors and Mountain Dwarfs
Nature* Dropped by Moss giants, Barbarians, Green Dragons, Red Dragons, Lesser Demons, Thieves, Greater Demons, Blue Dragons, Hobgoblins, Paladins, Black Knights, White Knights, Ice Warriors, Jogres, Mountain Trolls, Kalphite Workers, and Cyclopes
Law* Dropped by Abyssal leeches, Ghouls, Guards, Paladins, Tortoises, Warped terrorbirds, Warped tortoises


When you have a talisman, you'll need some Rune essence. They are not stackable in free-play (for members, see later in this guide), but are fairly easy to mine, taking no mining level; the better pick you have, the faster you get Rune essences. Talk to one of the teleporters listed above (make sure to bring a pickaxe), and ask to go to the Rune Essence. Mine however many you'd like and use one of the portals to go back.

To craft the essences into runes, you need to find the temple of the element matching the runes you wish to make: for example, the Air temple for Air runes. Use the Locate option on your talisman and follow the direction, or look here to find the temples:

Element Picture of Location Temple Location
South of the road between Barbarian Village and Varrock, just to the west of Gertrude's house south west of the entrance of Varrock
Cosmic Altar Chaos Altar Astral Altar Nature Altar

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