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March 14, 2017

Runescape Bot Killing! (EoC)

New Varrock Tasks are tasks completed in New Varrock, first accessed upon starting the Dimension of Disaster quest. The Taskmaster for this task set is Tiny Zemouregal, found near the fountain in the centre of Varrock. Rewards for completing the tasks in the set at each level include Zemomarks, the currency of New Varrock, and upgrades to Varrock armour. Completing these tasks is a requirement for the Completionist cape. The tasks only need to be done once; replaying the quest will not reset your progress on the tasks.

Task Description How to Complete Task Quest needed Skill requirement Reward
A Cat's Bane Do something to deal with New Varrock's stray cat problem. The first cat, 'Fraidy cat, is east of Gertrude's house, and wants the Necrofelinomicon. Baron Mauser is on the 2nd3rd floor[UK] of the church, north east of Varrock, and requests Curdled milk. Grumps is at the Zamorak Altar, in the south east corner of Varrock, and wants Dimies the sardine. Catbot 9000 is at the east bank, nearby the Trial Announcer, and requires doogle leaves. None 20 Zemomarks
They Had a Gudrun Find a way to silence Romeo, in Zemouregal's Study. Bring cadava berries to the Apothecary to create a cadava potion (a potion that makes it seem like I'm dead). Cadava berry bush can be found near the entrance of Apothecary's house. Then bring this potion to the hanging heads in Zemouregal's study inside of his castle (requires a vial of orange mist to enter). Partial completion of Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav, get to the part where Thessalia makes dyes for you.
Pick Half Use a lockpick to open HALF of New Varrock's treasure chests. Open 25/50 of the chests scattered throughout New Varrock. 50
The Scrying Game Use Zemouregal's Scrying pool to spy on the citizens of New Varrock. Use the scrying pool in the treasure room of Zemouregal's castle and click on the first 6 options. (The 7th is to control the tin soldier robot) Partial completion of Dimension of Disaster: Defender of Varrock, to get to the 1st2nd floor[
Tier Gear Smith or craft a piece of level 10 armour ( iron, imphide or hardleather; head, body or legs. ) Create any piece of a level 10 armour. An easy way to complete this is to obtain a needle and thread along with hard leather by tanning cow hide, and craft the hardleather into any piece of armour. 10
Bank-Z Help Tiny Zemouregal to deface the three paintings of his master in the palace's heart vault. After opening the Vault outer door on the 1st2nd floor[ in the castle there are three paintings on the northern wall, click on them to deface. (search footlocker for vault key) 30 Zemomarks
Micro Brew Get the Wine of Zemouregal from the southwest room on ground1st floor[ in the castle. Buy a doogle leaf from Xuan and combine it with a vial of water. Add the Wine of Zemouregal and talk to Tiny Zemouregal. 65
Pick All Use a lockpick to open ALL of New Varrock's treasure chests. see Notes for map Partial completion of Dimension of Disaster: Shield of Arrav and Dimension of Disaster: Demon Slayer 70
South AND West Side Story Infilitrate both the Black arm Gang AND the Phoenix Gang to make sure they're not planning anything. Replay Dimension...

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