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January 7, 2017

This guide describes the most

Shrimps, Anchovies
Sardine, Herring, Pike, Slimy Eel, Cave Eel, Cavefish
16 Mackerel, Oyster, Cod, Bass
20 Trout, Salmon, Rainbow fish
35 Tuna, Swordfish, Sharks
40 Lobsters
48 Leaping Trout, Leaping Salmon, Leaping Sturgeon
65 Karambwan

Members Locations - Recommended Training spots

It is often debated as to which is the best training spot for members fishing, dependent on profit versus experience. Here we've outlined some of the best training spots out there with recommended levels also. For other fishing spots (including these), you may wish to refer to's Interactive World Map, which you can use to hover over the fishing icons to see which fish you can catch.

Nearest bank: Catherby Recommended level(s): 40-76+ Fishing Recommended fish: Lobsters, Swordfish, Tuna, Sharks

Probably the most popular members fishing spot, as there's a fishing shop right next to the fishing spots where you can buy and sell both fishing equipment and fish. At the fishing spots in Catherby you're able to fish with Small Net, Big Net, Bait, Cage and Harpoon. You can catch the following things/fish: shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring, oysters, caskets, seaweed, mackerel, cod, tuna, lobsters, swordfish, bass and shark. It is recommended at level 40 to fish for Lobsters here, before working your way up to Swordfish at level 50, and Sharks at level 76. Not only will this provide good experience at these levels, it will provide a profit perhaps unmatched by power training areas such as Shilo Village. The nearby range also allows for a self-sustaining food supply, as you may choose to cook your catch before banking.

Nearest bank: Shilo Village Recommended level(s): 20+ Fishing Recommended fish:Trout, Salmon

After completing Shilo village Quest, you can start fishing there. This is possibly the fastest place for experience in the game, as the bank is very close to the fishing spot and the experience comes thick and fast. Here you can fish with bait and feathers; however Fly Fishing is the recommended method, catching Trout and Salmon in the river. Should you begin to run out of feathers, the nearby Fishing store will happily sell you their stock of 1000 feathers, usually cheaper than the Grand Exchange.

Nearest bank: Jatizso

To get access to this fishing spot, you'll first have to start The Fremennik Isles quest. The fishing spots here yield pretty much the same thing as in Catherby, but you'll find the area a lot less crowded. The bank in the town is a slightly shorter run than Catherby's fishing spots, however the area doesn't have a cooking range. Potentially due to location, this area is mostly abandoned, however for those who can access it, it appears to be a much better location than Catherby for those looking for a quieter area.

Nearest bank: Piscatoris Recommended level(s): 62 Fishing Recommended fish: Monkfish

To get access to this fishing spot, you'll first have to complete the Swan Song quest. Once you complete the quest, you can get to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony by boat (see Kathy Corkat located north-west of the Gnome Stronghold), or use Fairy Ring coordinates AKQ. The Piscatoris Fishing Colony is the only place in RuneScape where you can catch monkfish. In order to catch these fish, you'll have to use a small fishing net. You can also catch tuna and swordfish, provided you have a harpoon with you; however Monkfish are the best experience and profit. They are incredibly close to the local bank, and there are plenty of spots along the coastline for you to fish.

Nearest bank: Burgh De Rott Recommended level(s): 76+ Fishing Recommended fish: Sharks

After you have fixed the bank during the In Aid of the Myreque quest you might want to consider staying a while for gourmet meals. No, not the snails that wander nearby! This town has plenty of big net and shark catching spots just a stone's throw away from a bank, making it perfect for more experienced players. To get here take the Myreque shortcut under Canifis pub, then after a brief walk south through the swamp hop in the row boat to Mort'ton. Walk south over the bridge; it's just that easy!

Nearest bank: Barbarian Assault Recommended level(s): 48-70+ Fishing Recommended fish: Leaping Trout, Salmon and Sturgeon

The best way to get here is to teleport using the Games necklace to Barbarian Assault, and then go south. With enough Barbarian Training, you can catch Leaping fish here. The fish cannot be cooked, and the bank is a fair distance away, so people just drop the fish. If you bring a knife with you, you can use it to cut the fish you have to get some Fish offcuts (stackable), Roe, and Caviar. This gives you 10 cooking experience and the items you get can be used as bait to catch more fish. Theoretically, you could get from 48-99 fishing with only 27 Bait/Feathers! Not only this, the experience is also some of the best for fishing in the game.

Nearest bank: Living Rock Caverns Recommended level(s): 85-90+ Fishing Recommended fish: Cavefish, Rocktails

To get here, you'll need to climb down the hanging rope in the northernly part of the Dwarven Mines. Beware: this area is populated by aggressive rock monsters, ranging in level from 120 to a maximum of 200. This is the only area where you can catch Cavefish and Rocktail, requiring fishing levels 85 and 90, respectively. Cavefish are caught using conventional fishing rods and bait, but to catch Rocktail you must kill Living Rock Monsters and mine their corpses to obtain Living Minerals to use as bait, or buy some from the Grand Exchange. These fish are the most profitable in the game, especially Rocktails, which though slow can earn a player millions of gold on the way to 99.

Nearest bank: - Recommended level(s):70+ Recommended fish: Cave Morays, Salve Eels, Blue Crabs

Wait, Daemonheim? That's right, some of the best fishing experience in the game can be found in the floors of Daemonheim. For low level floors which would otherwise be solo'd on a low complexity 1 (C1), it may be an idea to change to complexity 2 (C2). The reason for this is the Fishing skill becomes available on floors; fishing spots will begin to appear and nothing else. The sheer speed and amount of fish that can be found has meant this method of "C2 fishing" has become popular among many fishers, becoming even better with higher fishing levels. The only downside to this however is that all fish are lost upon completing a floor, so no profit can be made.


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