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June 20, 2021

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This page contains a specific evaluation on how to efficiently complete a certain section of the game or perform a certain task. As RuneScape is a complex game which allows for lots of different play styles and techniques it does not necessarily mean that other ways of playing through the content are wrong or invalid, merely an alternative interpretation. Feel free to contribute to another guide detailing a different play style.


As a beginner, one of the most common methods to flipping is through the grand exchange by finding the prices people are buying and selling items for. With these quick steps, you can easily determine how price your items.

  1. Buy whatever item you want to flip for 5% over the market price. (If 5% doesn't work, you can add a larger offer).
  2. On a notepad or a word document on your computer, write down how much you paid.
  3. Sell the item for 5% under the market price. (Once again, if needed, you can sell it for even less).
  4. Write down how much you sold it for.
  5. The price that you first wrote down in step 2 will be the price that you need to start SELLING all the items at and the second price you wrote down will be how much you BUY them for. Begin by setting an offer to buy however many items you want, and then wait for them to come in.
  6. As you start to acquire your goods, you can start selling them back at the higher price you wrote down.
  7. Once you have finally sold all the items, you can select another item to flip and repeat the process or you can continue buying and selling your previous item.

As said before, this is one of the most basic forms of flipping. As you get more confident with this form of flipping, you can progress into more advanced techniques such as investing.

At times, you may notice that when buying an item in mass quantities, you'll only get a certain amount every time. For example if you're flipping dragonhides, you can only buy 10k at a time. This is to limit players creating a false demand for an item which would increase the price over time.


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