Runescape Classic Smithing

August 20, 2016

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Smithing is a skill in RuneScape Classic which allows players to make armour and weapons to sell to players or use for themselves. Smithing consists of two parts: Smelting and Smithing. Smelting requires players to take Ores from Mining and turning them into Bars. Smithing requires players to take the bars and turn them into Weapons, Armour, and other Items.

The first half of the Smithing skill is smelting. To smelt an ore players need to travel to a furnace. Furnaces can be found in Lumbridge, Falador, Ardougne, and Al-Kharid. Players must then use the primary ore with the furnace to make a bar. Once a bar has been obtained, it can then be used to make armour, weapons, or other items.

A player smelting Iron Ore in RSC.

  • 33.5 when smelted with the Gauntlets of Goldsmithing.

A Player smithing an Iron Bar in RSC.

The second half of the Smithing skill is smithing the bar into an item. Players must first travel to an anvil. The most convenient anvil location is West Varrock because there is a bank just north of it. Players must have a hammer in their inventory. Below is a list of all items you can make from the different bars of RuneScape Classic. Using the bar with the anvil will result in the following options to appear:

The closest anvil to a bank is located in West Varrock, just south of the Bank.


You can exchange one Cert for five Bars or five Bars, for one Cert in Draynor Village (Miles) or Lost City (Watto).

  • Iron Bar
  • Silver Bar
  • Steel Bar
  • Gold Bar
  • Mithril Bar

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Runescape Classic Staking! Wrestler1201 Plate pure
Runescape Classic Staking! Wrestler1201 Plate pure
Looking Back: Runescape Classic Smithing
Looking Back: Runescape Classic Smithing
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