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June 11, 2016

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A Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen is the penultimate installment in the fairy quest series and revolves around the Fairy Godfather. The objective of the quest is to finally cure the Fairy Queen and prepare the retaliation against the Fairy Mafia.

Official description

The Fairy Queen should be awake and back in charge of the Lost City by now, but what is happening in Zanaris? Why hasn't the Fairy Godfather abdicated the throne?

What is happening to all the fairy inhabitants and where has Fairy Nuff gone? Can you rise to the challenge of using the fairy rings to search the other planes and Cure a Queen, in the second part of the Fairy Tale trilogy?


You do not need to meet any of the skill requirements to use the fairy rings; you only need to complete a part of the quest to obtain permission to use them.


To start, talk to Martin the Master Gardener in the Draynor Market. He will tell you to come back once his crops are grown, so wait until your quest menu says his crops have had plenty of time to grow; this takes around 5 minutes. Attempting to pickpocket Martin may further your wait.

Talk to him again and he informs you rather crossly that there is something still wrong with the crops, disbelieving your story about fairies and accusing you of creating this problem. Agree to investigate.


Fairy Nuff's grotto.

Go to Zanaris, and head toward the bank. Just north of the bank is Fairy Nuff's grotto. Walk in, and you'll see a short cutscene. Underneath one of the potion shelves is Fairy Nuff's certificate; pick it up. Studying the certificate turns up its back, which is covered with strange fairy symbols.

Use the certificate with the Fairy chef, south of the bank. She will tell you that she's seen similar inscriptions on a sign near the mysterious ruins, that is the cosmic altar, in southern Zanaris.

Head to the "mysterious ruins" leading to the cosmic altar and search south of it for a small stone tablet. It is a rune temple sign, with symbols similar to those on the back of the certificate. The sign reads: Cosmic Rune Altar. You can now decode Fairy Nuff's message by matching the symbols with the given key. Although you do not need to manually decode it, you must read the tablet to proceed. You discover that the back of the certificate reads:

The Godfather attacked us. We have fled to safety. If you are loyal to her majesty, find us by using the co-ordinates "AIR", "DLR", "DJQ", "AJS".

Fairy transport

The godfather and his lackeys.

Talk to the Fairy Godfather, in the room directly south of the Zanaris entrance. Tell him that the queen is missing, to which he visibly starts panicking and rushes to say that he will create a search party for her. The godfather gives you permission to use the fairy rings to 'help' you locate the queen. He asks you to speak to the co-ordinator outside the room to learn more about the rings.

After talking to the co-ordinator and being informed of the vast history of the fairy rings and the queen, head south-west to the fountains, where you should see a fairy ring. Talk to Fairy Fixit there, and then try and use the fairy rings while wielding a dramen staff or lunar staff.

You may now use the fairy rings throughout RuneScape without finishing the quest, if you'd prefer. See our guide for all the possible combinations.

With Nuff's certificate in your inventory, use the fairy ring four times in sequence, always returning back to Zanaris before using the next one. (For 1, 2 and 4 you can use the fairy ring autodialer to the locations mentioned in parentheses. Destination 3 must be manually dialed.)

  1. A•I•R (Islands: south of Witchaven)
  2. D•L•R (Islands: Poison Waste south of Isafdar)
  3. D•J•Q (un-attached code, failing randomly to just a few steps away from the fairy ring in Zanaris)
  4. A•J•S (Islands: Penguins near Miscellania, or Queen's location)

If you end up on an island with some penguins, you either made a mistake entering the codes, are not holding the certificate, did not complete the step of finding the plaque at the ruins, or you do not have the required levels to continue with the quest.


You should be in the fairy queen's new location. Just go up the path, and head to the north-eastern room. Talk to fairy Nuff who, along with fairy Very Wise, informs you that the Queen is not well because the godfather has hurt her by not returning her magic secateurs. As her essence is drained, she cannot retaliate without obtaining the secateurs, which you accept to bring back.

Fairy Nuff healing the queen.

Head back to Zanaris, and pickpocket the fairy godfather. If you fail, you will be teleported outside Zanaris, so try pickpocketing from behind or the side, and make sure neither of his henchmen are looking directly at you. You should get a golden queen's secateurs. Also, at this point, you will see orks patrolling Zanaris.

You won't be able to travel back to the hideout by using A•J•S, but the steps will be saved in your travel log. Therefore, if you've kept Nuff's Certificate with you, you may simply select "Fairy Resistance HQ" from the travel log and press "teleport" to take you there, without having to travel to all the other three locations again. If you bank Nuff's certificate, the travel log will make you go through all the steps again.

The travel log might also be reset by using the fairy rings to other locations or logout or simply over time. The good thing is if you have traveled to the hideout once, you will have the record near the bottom of the log and can use that for travelling to each step. As you complete steps, the highlighted code in the hideout sequence shows where you will go next.

Magic Essence

Back at the fairy hideout, talk to fairy Nuff and give her the secateurs. She will use them to rejuvenate the queen, but they do not work completely. Nuff tells you that she needs a certain magic essence potion to replenish the queen's missing life energy. To make the potion, you need to collect some starflowers and crushed gorak claw.

Creating the potion before Fairy Nuff prompts you to will make said potion useless, and unable to cure the queen, thus forcing you to remake the potion from scratch.

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