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April 17, 2017

Runescape - Recipe for

Recipe for Disaster is the 100th quest released by Jagex, being a sequel to the Cook's Assistant quest. It is composed of 10 subquests. The subquests range in difficulty from easy to very hard. It is intended to be a quest which nearly any member can start, but which only the most accomplished and willing players can complete.

Official description

The cook in Lumbridge has a surprisingly small number of ingredients to hand in his kitchen, possibly as a result of an endless stream of newcomers with light fingers, taking anything that isn't nailed down from his kitchen. Luckily, in the past, a kind Cook's Assistant was willing to help him in his culinary duties, but a problem has now appeared that could spell... a Recipe For Disaster! Almost all members may attempt to solve his tricky predicament, and be rewarded accordingly, but only the very elite of Questers will be able to put an end to his problem permanently!


It is strongly recommended that you grow a pet kitten before you start the quest, if you don't already have an adult cat. It will take 3 hours for the pet kitten to grow into a cat. If you do this at the start of the quest, it should be fully grown and you can save the Evil Dave sub-quest for last.

Another Cook's Quest

The cook is preparing for a party in Lumbridge. He tells you that a hundred years ago, a very important meeting was held in Lumbridge. His ancestor, Franizzard Van Lumbcook, cooked such an amazing banquet for the occasion that he was offered a job as head cook, along with all his descendants, for life. This big, important meeting is held in Lumbridge every ten years and today is the tenth anniversary. As he cannot think of a brilliant dish himself, he intends to use his ancestor's recipe for the feast. However, he needs your help gathering the ingredients again.

The Secret Council

The Secret Council

The music that plays during the cutscene.

After completing Another Cook's Quest, you receive an invitation to the feast. Enter the doors to the dining room to observe the feast, and you will see members of the Lumbridge Secret Council seated at the table. They include:

The frozen Council

As the Duke introduces the rest of the secret council, he is interrupted by the Mysterious Old Man and is teleported to take care of it. Osman will then get taken away by Evil Bob. At this point, you enter the room. A short while later, the Culinaromancer crashes the party and starts to attack everyone at the dining table with magic spells.

Luckily, the Gypsy from Varrock enters the room and casts Tempus Cessit, which freezes everyone in time, except for you and her. She explains that the Culinaromancer was a cook in Lumbridge a hundred years ago and had threatened the secret council with death, only to be thwarted by the Duke's assistant, who managed to trap him in another dimension. This assistant was the cook's ancestor, and was made head cook for life. The current head cook, whom you helped build the feast, apparently created a powerful food-magic, which released the Culinaromancer from his prison. Seeing him, the Gypsy casts the aforementioned spell, so that you both can protect the council from the Culinaromancer's attacks. While she can easily seal the Culinaromancer in a heartbeat, due to the fact you caused the Culinaromancer to awaken she holds you responsible and sends you to save them as the magic is causing a temporal paradox that could destroy the known reality with the magic.

To release each member of the council from the Culinaromancer's spell, you must feed each of them their favourite food. After you give each member their favourite dish, Gypsy teleports them away to safety and tells you how many more council members are left.

Freeing the Council members

There are nine council members you must save from the Culinaromancer:

Subquest 10: Defeating the Culinaromancer

The Culinaromancer is unfrozen!

After you have freed all the council members, you will see a cutscene, where Gypsy Aris restarts time by saying "Tempus procedit!" The Culinaromancer will then retreat through the portal. Aris then says that you too must go through the portal to finish him off.
Image Name Requirements Items needed
  • Ability to fight very tough, high-levelled enemies ranging from level 89 to 98 without Prayer or Summoning. (You don't have to beat all of them in one go; you can make several trips if you wish.)
Decent Combat gear

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