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February 28, 2015


If you're a member, then you might have thought about having a pet to take care of in your spare time. What better way to while away the long hours while increasing your fishing, mining, or woodcutting skills? This guide explains the pet interface which helps you raise and care for your pet. There are many choices of pets in RuneScape, but there are different requirements for getting them. Most pets have a summoning requirement, and are listed under Pets in the Summoning guide). Pets that don't (felines and fish) are listed in this guide. Read on, and remember...your pet will love you and will provide hours of enjoyment, IF you take good care of it.

Pet Care

Pet care was revolutionised by the Pet Interface. When you drop a pet to follow behind you, you will be able to access the Summoning Interface. Right click on the wolf image on the side of the minimap and choose Follower Details.

This will produce a screen where you can manage your follower.

  • Food dish - this percentage shows how hungry your pet is. 0% means it's full, but at 100% cats will run away. More on that in a moment.
  • Big/Little dog - this percentage shows how close your pet is to maturity. At 100%, a baby pet will become an adult.
  • Whistle - calls your pet to your side instantly. This is useful if it has gotten stuck behind a fence or building.
  • "No" sign - allows you to dismiss your pet, losing it forever. A second menu will ask if you are sure you want to shoo your pet away.


Your baby pet will only grow when it is following behind you. It will not grow in the bank or in your inventory. It takes 2-3 hours of game time following you for a kitten to grow up. Some babies take much longer. You cannot make a baby pet grow faster by feeding it a lot - it just takes time.


To feed your pet, just click on its favourite food and use it on your pet. (Don't eat it yourself accidentally!)

Hunger is a critical issue for cat owners, because you can lose your pet forever - it will run away if it gets 100% hungry! This however does not effect other pets, only cats. Other pets will stay with you even at 100% hunger.

At 78% hunger, your pet's hunger percentage turns red, indicating a problem. If it continues, you get two messages in your chat window as your pet's hunger level becomes critical: the first warning at 84% and the final warning at 94%. (At 100%, you simply get a message that your pet has run away.) However, it's easy to miss these if you are in combat or doing a lot of clicking!

If you don't have any food with you, simply PICK YOUR PET UP. It does not get any hungrier while in your pack or bank (nor does it grow), so it won't run away if you just carry it. Later, when you get some food, have it ready before you drop your pet, so you can feed it immediately.


How to get a pet kitten on runescape
How to get a pet kitten on runescape
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how to get a pet hell cat or kitten on runescape
Runescape 3b+ bank video (A pet kitten) 2014
Runescape 3b+ bank video (A pet kitten) 2014
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