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April 22, 2013

Location to stand behind

In the ancient days of Gielinor, several great warriors walked the land. With all of the bloodshed in the Wilderness, their equipment is heeding the call and returning to the surface...well, perhaps slightly below it, in the Forinthry Dungeon.

These items last an hour before degrading completely.

* These cannot be purchased. They are made by adding five chaotic spikes (5× 20, 000 Dungeoneering tokens) to a dragon claw or off-hand dragon claw. Note that adding the spikes is a permanent change - you cannot retrieve your dragon claw/off-hand dragon claw. Also note that you cannot use a Lucky dragon claw to make chaotic claws.

Sacred clay armour is a remarkable construction, the secret of which is known only to the most highly ranked of the Stealing Creation mystics. In battle, it can be used to switch combat styles completely, not to mention the fact that it provides excellent combat bonuses, and will double the experience you earn in combat. The experience you earn will slowly degrade the sacred clay items, but it will be spread across all of them, so a full set will last as long as the sum of all of its parts, while two items will last twice as long as one.

To change the type of armour/weapon you are using, operate it in your worn inventory or right-click it in your inventory and select 'Transform'. All sacred clay armour/weapons you are wearing or wielding will instantly change to that point of the combat triangle, items in your inventory must be transformed individually. Read more about the variants here: Magic, Ranged.

When your armour or weapon has run out of 'bonus experience', it will retain its combat stats but will no longer provide the extra experience and cannot change form. You can have these items recharged by the mystics to restore them to their malleable, experience-granting state. You can check the percentage of experience remaining by right-clicking the item and selecting 'Count-charges'.

* = Ceremonial swords can only be made at the Artisan Workshop in Falador, and are more for show than for combat.

@ = From Treasure Trails.

† = Able to hurt the dread Vyrewatch of Morytania and provides increased damage against vampyres.

$ = Won from Treasure Hunter. This item has several different forms that it can turn into but is effectively one item.

& = For completing the Koschei's Story miniquest, players are awarded with an enhanced version of this weapon which provides 45% additional damage against dagannoths. To get the enhanced weapon, speak to Kharshai to borrow his jewel. Cutting, applying pressure to (90 Strength), or inspecting the jewel for curses (90 Prayer) will change the jewel's colour and therefore the colour of the weapon.

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Coolest Weapon in Runescape
Coolest Weapon in Runescape
The best weapon in RuneScape!
The best weapon in RuneScape!
Runescape - Wield Weapon in your hand | EOC |
Runescape - Wield Weapon in your hand | EOC |
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