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January 11, 2017

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RuneScape Classic StakingThe Roots of RuneScape Gambling

The roots of RuneScape gambling has been forgotten by most. RuneScape Classic (referenced as RSC by most, but common to be mentioned as RS1) was introduced in January of 2001. The member version of the game was launched in February of 2002, in this version you can stake/duel anyone, anywhere. Before players started using RuneScape gold as a measure of dominance, people would stake for community fame. You can find a lot of RuneScape Classic staking videos still floating around. You could often find players duelling each other in common training spots over who stayed and who left to find another spot. A lot of the daily gamblers would use staking bots to switch combat modes, amulets, and even show the other players hitpoints. Some of the most common staking bots were STS, PetsBot, Memorial, and 3rxbot. Melee staking normally went by how many hitpoints the player had, typically if a player had two hitpoints more, the player with more hitpoints would remove 2 of their items before the stake began & re-equip them after the duel had begun. Level 61 staking was very popular along with staking with 99 hitpoints. Aside from melee staking, mage staking was also very big in RSC, the most common combat level for mage staking was 27(40 defense, 30hp, 77 magic.) Players would use a wizard's mind bomb to use the charge spell and then use one of the three God Spells.

RuneScape Gambling

The age of staking in the 2005 era was most profitable for odd staking and hp beasts (people who sacrificed range levels to have higher hp). The majority of those visiting the duel arena were pkers who were looking for other pkers. In the mix of these players were pures with slightly higher hp from training range or doing pest control with gave them a slight edge. Range boxing became very popular during this era, and again, was dominated by hp beasts( I personally had an account with 63 hp and 63 range which would win over 60% of stakes against those my levels). The most common range weapon was rune knives. They had the advantage of hitting 1 more than me and some accuracy, but I would have the guarantee of starting the duel with a 6-8 hp level head start. During this era if you had a party hat, you were known among the community. Some of runescapes biggest stakers during this era were eat b0ltz, agentjags, viet master and Na1c0n. During this time period players could sell runescape gold for over $3 per million. Because the pking scene was so active, there was always players looking to buy rs gold.

RuneScape 3 Gambling

The biggest money movement at the duel arena was done through maxed level mage boxing and single handed melee stakes with chaotic weapons or vesta long swords. In a typical Vesta Long sword (Vls) stake the fight would be over in 3 hits and come down to whoever had the first hit on the opponent because of how high they hit (450+). Common scams during this time period included leaving spec on in a boxing match and using Excalibur spec before dueling someone (this would heal you over 400 hp over time) and using Juju Gumbo as food, which had a similar effect.

RuneScape Classic Staking

OSRS Gambling

The staking community saw an instant jump in popularity with the release of Old School runescape and the profitable margins on OSRS gold that could be won through runescape gambling at the duel arena. OSRS gold started out at over /m in the first days of runescape 2007 and the runescape gold swap rates were as high as 100:1. With the hype around the game, it was no surprise that runscape gambling was seeing another spike in activity. The duel arena in its early days saw names such as UpInSpace and EataDuck quickly hit the max cash milestone and then pour all their extra winnings into the third age market, causing a huge demand for these rare items. These two individuals and the sink of cash going into third age early and kept the price of OSRS gold stable at above per million for quite some time.

With the game developing and everyone on old school runescape leveling up quickly the duel arena began to start seeing maxed main staking. Due to the early growth of Rs2007 runescape bots like Osbot, Tribot, and powerbot, the max main scene became active. The ban rates at the beginning of Rs2007 we’re almost non-existent, giving everyone a quick boost in combat levels.

With the rise of max main runescape staking came commission staking clans. Runescape clan chats such as King of 301 offered a runescape gambling service that allowed players without a maxed main account to gamble runescape gold against other maxed accounts by betting on a host. Players would trade the host their OSRS gold and the host would stake it against other players while streaming the fight. If the host won, they would take a 5% cut of oldschool gold pot total and give the rest to the runescape gambler who placed the bet on them. Because everyone was now able to gamble through these services buying runescape osrs gold becameeven more popular. Regular players would buy oldschool gold from Rs gold sellers and then head to the duel arena to gamble their way to runescape riches with that 2147m rs gold cash stack in mind.

After commission staking was banned by jagex’s ingame rules, Runescape gold was obtained in masses by odd stakers. These stakers would fight players who had a slight advantage over them if the other runescape gambler was willing to offer a premium rate (offer 5 – 25% extra) on their wager. These odd stakers would buy runescape 2007 gold with Bitcoins (BTC) most of the time, then start gambling with a slight end in profitability in the long run. After they won a lot of stakes they would often sell the rsgp online and then look into expanding how many accounts they were gambling with at the duel arena. Some of runescape’s biggest gamblers had over 20 accounts staking at once, leading to huge profit when they were looking to sell the billions of OSRS runescape gold for different payment methods like PayPal, +IDEAL, BTC, Mycash, or pre-paid visas.


Runescape Account For Sale - Almost maxed acc
Runescape Account For Sale - Almost maxed acc
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