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August 16, 2017

The Evolution of Combat was a

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A combat pure is an account which is created primarily for the purpose of efficient combat. Combat pures train specific combat skills, while deliberately keeping other combat skills at a minimum in order to excel in certain aspects of combat at a comparatively low combat level. The term "pure" standing alone most commonly refers to this kind of combat pure. These accounts fall into four main categories, depending on the variation of skill levels: Pures, PKers, Tanks, and Products.

Combat pures focus on training certain skills that they hold most relevant for successful combat and are usually made for player killing. The purpose of keeping an account "pure", i.e. refraining from training combat skills which are considered less effective or irrelevant for the concept of the account, is to keep the combat level as low as possible in order to excel against players of a similar combat level in PvP. Some combat pures tend to generally neglect non-combat skills, although many will train a money making skill such as Woodcutting or Hunter to be able to buy equipment or to meet quest requirements for a combat-related reward such as Ancient Magicks, or the bonuses offered by certain Skill Capes (defence and prayer bonus). Agility can also be a very vital skill while fighting in the Wilderness (however, the equipment of pures is often very light). Pures who decide not to train noncombat skills are often at a huge disadvantage against other pures.

Combat pures are most commonly offence-oriented with high values in one or two offensive skills (Attack, Strength, Ranged and Magic), while having only minimal values in defensive skills, such as Defence, Prayer and/or Constitution. Such pures rely on a fast damage rate and/or a high max hit for quick kills, often catching their opponents off guard. However, there are also defence-orientated pures and pures that combine certain offensive and defensive aspects while neglecting others. There are a variety of combat skill combinations which may be considered favourable for different tasks and different types of opponents.

Due to a certain renown associated with combat pures within the RuneScape community, another motive to create a combat pure may be the prestige and/or the self-imposed challenge. Pures with unusual combat skill combinations may also be players experimenting with new combat concepts.

Types of pures

Strength Pure: Getting Attack to the minimum requirements to wield a certain weapon (such as dragon weapons) and Strength as high as possible, all while staying at 1 Defence.

Hybrid Pures (Range/Melee/Mage): Usually equal Magic and Ranged stats to compliment each other, melee is often used additionally. A tribrid uses all three sections of the combat triangle.

Free-to-play pures (F2P)

Strength Pure:

  • 1 Defence.
  • 40-60 Attack. 50 Attack allows for the always popular Rune Scimitar and Rune 2h sword. 55 Attack allows for the Gravite Rapier, Gravite longsword, and the Gravite 2h sword. Although rare, but not unseen, 60 Attack for F2P pures allows for Corrupt Dragon weapons, namely the Corrupt dragon battleaxe.
  • 1-45 Prayer; Some players also do not train Prayer because it raises your combat, but raising Prayer can greatly increase your potential in the Wilderness.

Useful Prayers:

  • Level 25: Protect Item: Allows you to keep one extra item. Very useful in all PKing, except in a High Risk Wilderness World.
  • Level 44 (Optional): Eagle Eye: While mainly based on Strength, the Ranged prayer is good to have if you are ranging. Level 44 in Prayer also allows access to the Protection prayers and Incredible Reflexes which increases your attack by 15%.
  • Level 45: Mystic Might - Magic in F2P PKing isn't too useful at higher levels, but if you are group PKing and using Bind and Teleport Block, the prayer may prove to be slightly useful.

Recognise that at 40 Attack, 60 Strength, 1 Defence and 1 Prayer (assuming 50 Constitution), the player's magic AND ranged levels do not affect the player's combat level until level 67. The formula of training an F2P pure is shown below. The formula below is for F2P Strength pures and may not appeal to other f2p pures who may want to be magic F2P pures.

Attack Strength Defence Ranged
10 20
15 30 25

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