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July 11, 2016

How to Raise your Combat Skill

The skill reset interface is an action window. It allows you to reset your progress in certain skills to turn your account in to a 'pure' - or a character whose combat level appears lower than their skills would indicate.

The interface uses the central interface HUD element that means you can move the interface around the screen, but it cannot be resized or otherwise manipulated. To do this, you need to access Edit Mode. Press 'Esc' on your keyboard, or press the on the ribbon, and press 'Edit Mode'. On this menu, check the tickbox next to 'Gamplay HUDs' and this will enable you to edit the HUD.

When you're happy with its position, press 'Save and Exit'. If you're not happy with your changes, press 'Cancel' instead. You can also press 'Reset' to revert all changes you have made since loading a preset layout.

Resetting your Skills

To access this interface, you'll need to speak to Nastroth in Lumbridge. Ask him to reset your skills, then choose from one of two options: Constitution and Prayer, or Defence. Note that you won't be able to accept both of these choices, you can only reset one or the other.

To reset your Constitution & Prayer skills you must have level 5 or less in the Attack, Strength and Defence skills. To reset your Defence skill you must have a combined total of level 10 in all combat skills other than Defence.

Resetting a skill level removes all of the XP gained in that skill and returns you to level 1 (or level 10 for the Constitution skill). As your skill level has gone down, any quests, activities or tasks that required those levels will also be reset. In turn, any rewards you received from these activities will be removed also.

This process will also remove you from the hiscores to recalculate your total. This means that you may reenter the hiscores list at a lower rank than before. The XP loss will also be reflected in your clan, and may result in a reduced hiscores board position for them, too

For players with Bank PINs set, you will be asked for this before you start the process. You'll also get three warning confirmations before your skill is reset, just to make absolutely sure that you want to carry out the reset. The process is irreversible.

For those who are absolutely sure that they do not ever wish to reset a skill they can permanently turn off this feature by speaking to Nastroth and informing him of this desire. This action is irreversible.

You can only use the skill reset once. Once you have reset your chosen skills, you will not be able to reset any skills using the skill reset interface.

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