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October 3, 2016

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XP interfaceEvery monster and player that has the ability to engage in combat has a combat level. This level summarizes your skill in combat. Your combat level is made up of these skills:

Summoning (Members Only)

Your combat level can be Melee, Magic or Ranged based. The minimum combat level is 3 and the maximum is 138 for Members and 126 for Free-to-play players. This is calculated using the following formula:

((Highest result of Attack+Strength, or Magic x2, or Ranged x2)x13/10+Defence+Constitution+(Prayer/2)+(Summoning/2))/4

You may notice that the combat levels of other monsters and players will appear in a color - red, green, yellow, or something in between. Enemies 10 levels or more below you will appear very green. Likewise, if they are 10 levels or more above your combat level, their level will appear very red to you. If a player or monster is the exact same combat level as you, their level will appear yellow to you. If the enemy is less than 10 levels below you, their level will appear greenish-yellow, progressing as the level gets lower; enemies above your level will appear orange.

For every monster that you kill, you will be awarded experience split between your selected Combat skill(s) (see below) and Constitution. It is divided between the two as follows:

  • Combat experience = Total experience per kill/1.33
  • Constitution experience = Combat experience per kill/3
XP Selection:

The XP Selection interface allows you to select which combat skill you wish to train while fighting.

Melee combat allows you to train Attack, Strength and Defence separately or by dividing the experience between them equally (balanced), Magic combat allows you to train Magic and Defence together or separately, and Ranged combat allows you to train Ranged and Defence together or separately. Constitution is automatically trained alongside all other combat skills.

Attack level dictates how often you hit an enemy. In short, the higher your Attack level, the more often you hit.

Attack level also dictates what weapons a player can wield. The higher your Attack level, the stronger weapons you have the ability to wield.

Attack Abilities
Cooldown Description
Slice Basic None 3 Seconds Slice your target for upto 110% weapon damage.
Slaughter Threshold 30 Seconds Cause your target to bleed for between 100-250% weapon damage over 5 seconds. If the target moves location, they suffer 3x damage.
Overpower Ultimate Overpower your target, dealing damage upto 200-400% weapon damage.
Havoc Dual-wield melee 10 Seconds Instantly attack with both weapons up to 125% damage. In addition, this also disables protection prayers in PvP if it hits.
Backhand 10 15 Seconds Smack your target with the back of your hand, interrupting their attacks for 3 seconds and dealing 100% damage.
Forceful Backhand Threshhold 15 Smack your target with the back of your hand, stunning them for 3 seconds and dealing 200% damage.
Smash 20 Two-handed melee Smash your target for up to 125% weapon damage, disabling protection prayers in PvP.
Barge 30 20 Seconds Shoulder-barge your target, breaking free of binds and dealing 125% weapon damage.
Flurry 37 Perform a flurry of blows against your surrounding targets, dealing up to 94% weapon damage per hit over 6 seconds. Should any one blow miss, the remaining hits will aim at the origional target.
Combo attack.
Sever 45 Sever a tendon, dealing upto 188% weapon damage and reducing any damage they deal by 10% for 5 seconds.
Hurricane 55 Spin on the spot, dealing up to 219% weapon damage to all adjacent targets.
Massacre 66 60 Seconds Rend your target, dealing up to 188% of both weapons' damage instantly and causing an additional 313% of both weapons' damage over 6 seconds.
Blood Tendrils* 75 45 Seconds Blood tendrils whip at you and your opponent for 5 seconds. The first hit deals up to 180% weapon damage, with four subsequent hits each dealing up to 90% weapon damage to your target and up to 25% weapon damage to you.
Meteor Strike 81 Crash down on your target with the force of a meteor, dealing damage equal upto 250-350% weapon damage. Critical strikes generate 10% adrenaline for 30 seconds. Only usable on targets with over 50% life points remaining.
Balanced Strike** 85 120 Seconds Strike your target, restoring balance. If you have a smaller percentage of your lifepoints than they do of their lifepoints, your target will take the difference as a percentage of their lifepoints in damage. You will be healed for half the difference as a percentage of lifepoints. Be cautious: if you have more health than your target the effects will be reversed! You will take the damage and they will be healed

Weapons are what you will use in the game to attack your enemies. Certain Attack levels are required to wield the different kinds of weapons. To see the stats of individual weapons, please use the Items DB.

To find out about specific pieces of weaponry, you can use the Items DB.

Strength is the skill that allows you to hit harder on enemies. The higher your strength level, the higher you will hit on enemies.

Strength Abilities
Kick Kick your target, knocking them back and interrupting their attacks for 3 seconds and dealing 100% weapon damage.
Stomp Kick your target, knocking them back and stunning them for 3 seconds and dealing 200% weapon damage.
Punish Punish your target's mistakes, dealing 94% weapon damage, or 125% weapon damage if they're stunned.
Dismember 14 Dismember your target, dealing 188% weapon damage over 6 seconds.
Fury 24 5 Seconds Unleash your fury, strike your target three times. Each strike deals 75% of weapon damage and increases by 7% with each strike.

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